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Sacred Flower Remedies

SACRED FLOWER REMEDIES // MOVEMENT // NOURISHMENT Liz is a beautiful woman inside and out who has put a lot of energy and light into her work and life. She … Continue reading

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My Political Rant

I would just like to take a second a say a few words on My America’s Political System. Its not much…Im not going to glorify one party nor am I … Continue reading

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Imagination InLove

Experience can make learning something new really difficult. You plan everything out that you think “will most likely happen” because a lot has happened in your life! While learning how … Continue reading

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“Life is living from emotion to emotion” Men and Women are different creatures but of the same mold. We all have our go to jams of emotions and tendencies. Individually … Continue reading

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The Victim

[ T h e  t h i n g s  you  c o m p l a i n   a b o u t  is what  c o n … Continue reading

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You Are The Proof

So I was talking to some a friend of mine who is going through a break up. She has been single now for 2 months and she was explaining how … Continue reading

December 3, 2013 · 1 Comment

Act On Awareness

  For me: Currently I am working on creating new habits and reparenting myself with God in the reaches of developing my own success. I’ve been discovering layer by layer, new … Continue reading

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