Moving Through The Space Between

In my development, I have learned that when growing in intimacy with a person you almost have to leave space for opportunity. I find myself whether mirroring/feeling for a person in powerlessness, or giving them a blunt, unattached opinion. Of course, both empathy and objectiveness have their appropriate time and place, but there are moments for the in between. Allowing the room for the middle-of-the-spectrum to reveal itself, … Continue reading Moving Through The Space Between

From Moses To Miriam

INTRODUCTION: Being filled with the Holy Spirit and activated in Christ is an incredible experience. It can seem like something difficult to understand for someone who hasn’t experienced it yet, but it is the most marvelous, effortless, and beautiful communication that only requires us to turn our gaze toward em’. After being baptized by the fire of the Holy Spirit, I was challenged to immediately hear from Holy Spirit. … Continue reading From Moses To Miriam


Working out, staying active, and playing fun, physical activities all reminds me of this concept. Your body experiences growing pains when you are building muscle–you get sore from weakness leavin’ the body. What if the first few times of soreness stopped you from continuing your activity? You would never do anything active. But when you embrace it and partner up with your body’s capabilities you end … Continue reading GROWING PAINS