This is

a blog, a diary, a journey, a discussion, a dance, a hope, a dream, an inspiration,

a revelation,

real life,

real stuff,

& real topics.


This picture of the lion was drawn by our very own Kelsey Jones

Personal NOTE:

“As a Human on Earth, I have connected with my God given appetite to become as whole as I possibly can. I continue to try and interpret, distribute and apply the love/talent/wisdom to the correct location as it arises. However, when I succeed…it makes my desire to be whole stronger. As a Human, my growth, my molding, and my changing is directly influenced by not only my encounters with God, but by the encounters with every single person that crosses my path. And in order to sustain this growth I need to continue to encounter God as well as encounter and have relationships with good people. So cheers! The good that is in this world cannot be measured yet it is the most abundant thing our lives have to offer.”


I have hosted the most incredible accumulation of experiences. One thing after another, leading, guiding, molding, holding, letting go, releasing, learning…just incredible. And it will continue to be so! …As long as I allow it. Circumstances can be your worst enemy or your BEST FRIEND. And what helps me conquer all stress and anxiety is teaming up with my circumstances… riding the wave with them fighting to stay focus, balance, strength, fun, adrenaline, etc. Praise God.

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