A Letter Written on the Last Day of my 20s

20, started messy, confused, and distorted. But by summer your life was changed and by December you were anointed. 21, your heart was broken to the very core. The family you held so close, wouldn’t open their doors. 22, oh you were through with all you’ve ever known. Took risk after risk, and trusted God that he will show. 23 was twenty-free, and how far … Continue reading A Letter Written on the Last Day of my 20s

Compassion > Offense

What if the counter-acting and abolishing force to offense was compassion? Instead of choosing offense, causing unrighteous anger and resentment, what if I choose to have compassion that causes connection and love? Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34. Even though they chose to do it! Even though they blatantly did it! Jesus asked Father God for … Continue reading Compassion > Offense

The Desires of the Heart

Are you following the desires of your heart, or other’s hearts? When I think about the kingdom of God, I see it as a very shared, collaborative, triumphant realm. All victories that we experience are from the Cross. Your victory is my victory, my victory is your victory, because we are ONE body–unified by our faith. The Bible says, “They triumphed over him by the … Continue reading The Desires of the Heart

T I M I N G †

Often, I find myself in the tension of timing. So often, I find myself hearing someone or myself say, “In Gods Timing.” Sometimes, I find relief in that, but other times I feel like its a cop-out. Cop-out? Yes. As if we do not have the ability to make powerful choices for ourselves. On the same token, I do agree with the truth of “All in Gods Timing”: Ecclesiastes 3: There’s … Continue reading T I M I N G †

Moving Through The Space Between

In my development, I have learned that when growing in intimacy with a person you almost have to leave space for opportunity. I find myself whether mirroring/feeling for a person in powerlessness, or giving them a blunt, unattached opinion. Of course, both empathy and objectiveness have their appropriate time and place, but there are moments for the in between. Allowing the room for the middle-of-the-spectrum to reveal itself, … Continue reading Moving Through The Space Between

From Moses To Miriam

INTRODUCTION: Being filled with the Holy Spirit and activated in Christ is an incredible experience. It can seem like something difficult to understand for someone who hasn’t experienced it yet, but it is the most marvelous, effortless, and beautiful communication that only requires us to turn our gaze toward em’. After being baptized by the fire of the Holy Spirit, I was challenged to immediately hear from Holy Spirit. … Continue reading From Moses To Miriam


Working out, staying active, and playing fun, physical activities all reminds me of this concept. Your body experiences growing pains when you are building muscle–you get sore from weakness leavin’ the body. What if the first few times of soreness stopped you from continuing your activity? You would never do anything active. But when you embrace it and partner up with your body’s capabilities you end … Continue reading GROWING PAINS


It’s an interesting shift when control is removed from a person, space, or situation. When the mask of false humility and the nuisances of intimidation begin to loose its pull on you, an extraordinary breakthrough seems to occur and the impossible becomes possible. With the lack of the controller and its perpetuated safe rhythm of false responsibility present, the light of others starts to brighten and take shape. People … Continue reading CONTROL

Powerful Women

Ya know, I’ve been thinking a lot about princesses lately and princesses as we know it seem like fairy tales due to our very artistic and creative portrayals of them. But, I think princess stories have a profound influence on a girl’s heart because it’s rooted in truth. It is true that every girl and woman is a princess. When I’ve been thinking about princesses and trying to look at … Continue reading Powerful Women

A Bride & A Big Wedding

What I’ve learned from planning a BIG wedding and what every Bride should know: Everyone always warns you that the wedding process is stressful, full of drama, and full of the unexpected. As a hopeful person I listened to that advice and with my share of wedding experiences knew it to be true, but always in my heart considered that maybe mine would be different. … Continue reading A Bride & A Big Wedding

Let Go And Uplift

As women, we’ve come so far in equality. Even when I look back at movies, I notice the evolution of Woman Characters and how they’ve been depicted and treated. Strength is a reoccurring role but the role of empowerment and possibility has reached new and outstanding levels. A part of me though, can’t help but think we’ve lost a few things. Everything comes at a cost … Continue reading Let Go And Uplift

Imagination InLove

Experience can make learning something new really difficult. You plan everything out that you think “will most likely happen” because a lot has happened in your life! While learning how to drive my new car’s stick shift, I sat behind the wheel and saw it all! I would see myself stalling a hundred times before actually getting anywhere. I would see myself stalling in the … Continue reading Imagination InLove

Design Your Life

Talking to my friend across the world I noticed that she has had a life of stability. Everything mapped for her. Every step of her journey including all of the amenities one wishes to have; decided, prepared, and with very comfortable, exciting, and personal living and sleep accommodations haha. Traveling to her was not an escape, as it is for some people. Which is cool too … Continue reading Design Your Life

Act On Awareness

For me: Currently I am working on creating new habits and reparenting myself with God in the reaches of developing my own success. I’ve been discovering layer by layer, new habit on top of new habit, more and more goodness in my space, and what awareness means to me. And what I’m discovering for myself is that awareness means being rooted in what I believe. KNOWING MYSELF … Continue reading Act On Awareness

Be Led By The Good

Growing up you learn what is right and wrong. You get rewarded for good behavior and you get punished for bad remembering to do the right thing, while building your “character spine”. In yoga recently my instructor said, “You’re only as strong as your spine.” And that’s totally true for the body, but it’s also for the soul. Now, I pride myself on doing the right thing. Every … Continue reading Be Led By The Good

Have NO FEAR with Anyone

I’ve learned that life is about decisions. We have relationships with people so they help guide you, mentor you, and give their perspective on whats best for you. Discern those words; listen but reflect and decide whether those words come from goodness or ego/darkness/not the will of God. As you go through life, you have these people that KNOW you:  your habits, your weaknesses, and your … Continue reading Have NO FEAR with Anyone

Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

As women we have an intuitive gift of being concerned for the people we love. Many of us aren’t necessarily good at managing it, myself very much included. It’s one thing to be concerned for friends and family but to sit and worry or spend endless hours focused on it isn’t healthy. Even worrying about our own lives isn’t necessary. Personally, thats when my prayer comes in, or for others … Continue reading Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

Acupuncture by Brunette

So last week I had my very first acupuncture experience. I had been thinking about trying to out for quite some time but hadn’t made the final push until my boss gave me a package of them for Christmas. I am a huge fan of alternative, natural, non-Western medicinal practices and absolutely love my chiropractor (who also happens to be a natural vitamins/supplements, your body … Continue reading Acupuncture by Brunette

Live by the Sun Love by the Moon By: Brunette

Today’s mantra: live by the sun love by the moon What good shall I do this day?               You can derive your inspiration for life and to live from absolutely anything around you beautiful or ugly. On days when there is no sun in my beautiful life here in San Diego I have to find other ways to get my serotonin levels … Continue reading Live by the Sun Love by the Moon By: Brunette

Validate the Hurt

Communication tips when consoling a friend. Listen. Validate. Comfort. Maybe even Relate. And if you don’t relate, figure out a SOLUTION together. Give your advice. Be gentle. Lead into it.Learn Technique. Practice Technique. FORGET TECHNIQUE. In general, as women we’re naturally like this when it comes to our path of speaking but we don’t always use the right stones. Remember to LISTEN and be HONEST … Continue reading Validate the Hurt

What do you know at your age?

Imagine if that was the age you were approaching in your life. That next number right around the corner. Can you imagine thinking that “Im about to be 60. Woah” … I had a good day at work today. And mostly because of how many people were there.  We consider nights like this “dead.” Like we’d say “man its dead. no ones here” So I … Continue reading What do you know at your age?


POSITIVE does not = HONEST HONESTY does not = POSITIVITY So what positivity is for me is seeing the good in the situation and keep moving forward..no matter what. And that’s good. But what would be great is if I drew from honesty as well. Because when you are trying to be positive all the time, it can propel you into delusion or even worse, denial. We must make a … Continue reading Honestly….

Rooftops & Wires By: Ashley Gallagher

“To live on the edge of life, you have to exercise rebellion.” (-Man On Wire-) From one of the greatest documentaries comes one of the greatest inspirations for accomplishing the extraordinary. Standing on the rooftop of a flat in Tel Aviv, I have to wonder, what is it to accomplish something extraordinary and have I done it? No, I realize, not yet, my life has … Continue reading Rooftops & Wires By: Ashley Gallagher

Beauty in the Chaos By: Oanh-Mai

Beauty in the chaos: I’m lying in bed, undies and bra. It’s 40 degrees Celsius here, and on days like these,you can’t catch a cool breeze anywhere. You jump on your motorbike, joining the sea of motorized vehicles in the haze of traffic that Hanoi calls ‘roads’, in hopes of feeling cool fresh air blow against your skin. Quickly you realize that the only air you’ll … Continue reading Beauty in the Chaos By: Oanh-Mai

The Rest is Still Unwritten: By Britt Hill

As I drove out of PB yesterday- windows down, sunroof open, windblown hair, Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” blasting from my speakers- I felt like a cliché, but I didn’t mind. From the moment I moved into the dorms freshman year at SDSU, I knew I made the right decision about where to go to school. The next 4 years came and went, and there is not … Continue reading The Rest is Still Unwritten: By Britt Hill

Wise Words From a Traveler: by Ashley Dittmar

Traveling is food for your soul.  Stop making excuses, and start living, because once you have traveled, then you begin to realize what life truly is about. People travel mainly to relax, sightsee, and enjoy themselves. I traveled originally for those reasons too, but soon began to realize what travel was really about for me personally, and that was to find myself, as well as … Continue reading Wise Words From a Traveler: by Ashley Dittmar

Living in a New Country : Lesson #253 By: Les Doye

Well that’s different…. Malta, Malta, Malta… what else can I say but what you are all thinking, where the hell is Malta? My home for the last 8 months or so has been a tiny, but beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean. And by tiny I mean a rock just about half the size of the CITY of San Diego (…I know right). … Continue reading Living in a New Country : Lesson #253 By: Les Doye

Get it Girl : Our beloved Kate Nelson

Kate is the co-founder for the Save the Mermaid foundation where keeping the ocean and beaches clean is their primary concern. They are gradually making changes all over the coast in California with “Save the Mermaids!” and “Ban the Bag!” Currently, she has brought this campaign to the beaches in Australia making her mark over there! Get it KATE!!! this picture is from 5th of July … Continue reading Get it Girl : Our beloved Kate Nelson


happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. Happiness is when I feel solid in the most gentle way. Happiness to me is calmness with enthusiasm. Happiness makes me breathe deeply without even realizing. The word happiness makes me think of nothing. No first thought no first memory no first image…just nothing. And to me, thats what being happy is in a way. … Continue reading Happiness

Love and the Gentle Heart

Love and the Gentle Heart Love and the gentle heart are one thing, just as the poet says in his verse, each from the other one as well divorced as reason from the mind’s reasoning. Nature craves love, and then creates love king, and makes the heart a palace where he’ll stay, perhaps a shorter or a longer day, breathing quietly, gently slumbering. Then beauty … Continue reading Love and the Gentle Heart