The Desires of the Heart

Are you following the desires of your heart, or other’s hearts? When I think about the kingdom of God, I see it as a very shared, collaborative, triumphant realm. All victories that we experience are from the Cross. Your victory is my victory, my victory is your victory, because we are ONE body–unified by our faith. The Bible says, “They triumphed over him by the … Continue reading The Desires of the Heart

T I M I N G †

Often, I find myself in the tension of timing. So often, I find myself hearing someone or myself say, “In Gods Timing.” Sometimes, I find relief in that, but other times I feel like its a cop-out. Cop-out? Yes. As if we do not have the ability to make powerful choices for ourselves. On the same token, I do agree with the truth of “All in Gods Timing”: Ecclesiastes 3: There’s … Continue reading T I M I N G †

Moving Through The Space Between

In my development, I have learned that when growing in intimacy with a person you almost have to leave space for opportunity. I find myself whether mirroring/feeling for a person in powerlessness, or giving them a blunt, unattached opinion. Of course, both empathy and objectiveness have their appropriate time and place, but there are moments for the in between. Allowing the room for the middle-of-the-spectrum to reveal itself, … Continue reading Moving Through The Space Between