You Are the Bridge †

When you pioneer your life and take the road less traveled, you are discovering the road as you walk along. There is great partnership with God that comes along with that–if you are doing it in a healthy way. Sometimes, you might get stuck, because you have gotten too comfortable on the step you are on/in. But, have faith and move forward. Break free from the bondage of that pattern. Yes, of course that pattern was once a new pattern and a gift, but as Christine Caine said, “God is not doing the next thing in you, he is doing a new thing in you.” What the next step requires is for you to let go of the old. It’s difficult, because it becomes so special to us–so known and easy. However, God wants to do a new thing in you! God wants to take you to new places! Have faith that the unknown will reveal itself when you reach that point and that God will sustain you! You know why?

Because, God has cleared the way!

Jesus is there in the waiting!5259f77f4ba339deec14fa71781c0777.jpg

In proverbs, the bible says that she laughed at the future to come. The future is not created to haunt you, worry you, or stifle you. The future is meant to bring you joy!

Jesus, as man, had the strength to endure his suffering, because of the joy that was set before him–in the unseen made seen. The Father revealed the celebration of victory to Jesus, so that he could make it through his trial. Jesus was able to operate from that victory as he was taking action to be the victory.

So many leaders see themselves as pioneers, paving the way and creating the vision with God for their team, their people, and the people of God.

Do you know what that anointing carries?

You know what responsibility you will have in that?


Allowing others to walk on the road you’ve created, so that they can run (where you’ve plowed), build momentum, and create the road ahead of that. If that makes you feel jealous or feel like they are “using” you, well reject that spirit of competition and comparison and remember what your role is in the kingdom.  

Love each other in mutual love and honor one another above yourselves.

Your life is not meant to give you glory. Yes, the glory of God feels amazing and enduring the suffering to reach the top of the mountain is incredible, but it is meant to bring the Glory of God through you and to others.


Be the bridge in your life, take accountability, share in the conversations, work as a team, give others opportunities, listen to others, team up with what GOD is doing through ALL of his people!

Celebrate the victories won upon the bridge that you are and that you have partnered with God to create!

Encourage others to come along it!

Love, honor, and lift them up high!


Be lifted highhhhh

Be lifted hiiiiighhher

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