A Letter Written on the Last Day of my 20s

20, started messy, confused, and distorted.

But by summer your life was changed

and by December you were anointed.

21, your heart was broken to the very core.

The family you held so close,

wouldn’t open their doors.

22, oh you were through with all you’ve ever known.

Took risk after risk,

and trusted God that he will show.

23 was twenty-free, and how far and high you flew.

But you landed that year in pain,

and retracted toward the centered you.

24 was twenty-more, you knew this wasn’t it.

God healed your body, inspired thought,

and revealed the counterfeit.

25 was twenty-high-five, and a champion yes you were!

Onward you went in endless possibility,

and you did all the things you swore!

26 was twenty tricks, and God revealed what He had up his sleeve!

God took you to places

you never imagined you would be.

27 was twenty bring-down-heaven, and heaven surrounded you.

From inner healing to a wedding,

God sure lifted you.

28 was twenty-great, and great you did become.

Focusing on you was the only chance you had

to learn that you were more than enough.

29 was twenty-align, and things sure have come together.

The goodness of God is overwhelming,

your life’s joys are impossible to measure.

Oh 20s, I will hold you close to my heart for the rest of all my days. I am so proud of you and how you overcame, the challenges and the pain. You’re ending standing tall, and at peace with who you are. Alongside loving humans, who wrap you in their arms. Age is just a number, but you mean a lot to me. Thank you 20s for all you did, for living your life so beautifully.



Be Kind

Be Loving

Be Forgiving

Be Strong

Be You

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