The Next Step

The other night in worship, God showed me a vision; I was leading a song and the vision took over my whole mind. I stepped away from the microphone and allowed God to speak to me.

What I saw was a group of people aligned on a cliffside. It looked foggy at first, but when I looked closer it was a heavenly presence in the sky. There were angles all around, mystical colorful snow, and Jesus was there. These people, along the cliffside, had their arms wrapped—unified by their faith.

I saw Jesus calling them into the sky with Him, and as He called them everyone started to lift up—just to their toes. As if gravity only mattered on the tips of their toes, they all stood there elevated on their tippiest of toes.
God highlighted that to me, and asked me to ask him what the tippy toes meant.

I asked Him, and He replied,” They all know that I am good. They are all unified in my goodness. What they all individually and together don’t accept is that I am good out there too. I am good in the places they haven’t been, I am good in the places that they’ve been hurt before, I am good where I am bringing them–I am always good.”

So many times I get caught up in knowing God’s goodness past and present. I know God’s goodness despite people’s mistakes, I know God’s goodness in mercy and forgiveness, I know God’s goodness in warfare…I even know God’s goodness of the future! I know the ending! It’s victory! Our past, victory! Our present victory!

But when Gods goodness is being applied to something so practical yet so out of reach–so impossible, so vulnerable, and so illogical–I can see how we can question it without knowing it. I know areas of my life where I’m doubting it. And for me, its never occurred to me as me questioning God’s goodness, but questioning my capability. And thats how it gets covered and hard to see. All the “dirt” starts to rise and we start to allow the piling on…we start to pile on the excuses to the simple step that he is calling us to.

Dirt like…

  • Unbelief: That can never actually happen.
  • Disqualification: I’m not worthy of that.
  • Logic: Theres no way I can make that happen with the resources that I have.
  • Doubt: Did God really show me that?

When, instead, what we could do is allow the glory of God to surround it.

–For his yoke is light–

We pray ourselves out of the spirit of this and the spirit of that, we declare the truth of who we are, and we push ourselves through it when sometimes all we need to do is believe that God has it. That God is who he says he is. That his presence can override anything our minds can think of. That no matter whats going on or where we are, God loves us just as we are, that he is making all things work together for our good, so that we can be great in his name–his perfect love casts out all fear.

We know God can do impossible things.

Can we accept that he can do the impossible through us?

Say out loud, ” I believe the truth that God does the impossible through me.”

Again, ” I believe the truth that God does the impossible through me.”

Again, ” I believe the truth that God does the impossible through me.”

Be love

Take Risk

Have faith

Be you

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