HE Will Move Mountains

Working hard, diligently,  seriously,  and with enthusiasm is definitely something I got goin’ on. When I look back on my life in its entirety, I can see when I played multiple sports at the same time, while being involved in clubs in school. I can see when I worked multiple jobs at the same time, and was apart of bands and growing in yoga. Overall, I truly have an exponential amount of energy and was created to have a big plate and know every detail of it.

The interesting thing about my busy past, is what I was working so diligently at. Although my life was consistent of working hard with waitressing, cleaning, or babysitting jobs, I didn’t necessarily feel like I was going anywhere. But, I still took action. I made sure I was working on my self from within and my relationship with God. Even though the ball was slowly moving up the hill, at least I was getting stronger.
Not until last year,  when the words “Vanguard University” kept coming up in conversation did something shift–again. Slowly but surely, my ears kept perking up to its sound. I didn’t know a lot about it, but college–as an option–was over and done with for me.

Why you ask?

Well, I was 28 years old and every attempt I had made to go to back to school had been a complete failure–an emotional breakdown mixed with all sorts of disempowering thought.

For some odd reason (Jesus), I was inspired to just “talk to someone.” I made the appointment at Vanguard,  and what I intended to go to school for got switched around. I was a little disappointed, but considered it.. a little bit. Overall, I still wasn’t convinced it was going to happen.

Then, in my dreams that night, I saw the glory of God pick up a mountain and move it. When I woke up, I knew I had to try this out. Low and behold, even while in Australia, all the puzzle pieces came together and I applied without any hindrances.


In the back of my mind, where my world patterns had experienced failure in this area so many times, I wasn’t quite convinced. Not until I was at work one day and got an email that said, “Congratulations! You got accepted” did it become real. I was in shock….

But guess what?!

Thirty minutes later, I get offered a full-time position and a promotion. :-0 Okay, that’s when I lost it. I ran into the bathroom and started crying and praising Jesus. I couldn’t believe this was all happening.

And then I felt the download from God:

“You know how you when you tithe into the kingdom, I multiply your giving?”

“Yes Jesus.”

“Well, when you invest in yourself, I can multiply you.”


And have been rocked since. The momentum my life has had since then is indescribable. My friend Lisa and I started a podcast,  I started a conference,  and I’ve gotten straight As two semesters in a row–not to mention the relationships,  personal development,  ministry,  and just undoubted peace within me. It’s just insane what God is doing through me.

I worked so hard for so long to survive and become a good person with integrity, strength, and imbedded truth in my life. I worked so hard at being the person everyone could rely on to cheer for them and champion them. Before, my busy time almost seemed like a waste, but now I see it as a positioning of myself to grow, build my character, and be able to sustain this future (now present) investment.

Are you spending more time investing in other people?

Do you care more about what other people do than what you are doing?

Are you spending time plowing your inner fields?

Have you learned anything new lately?

Be You

Be Kind

Be Love


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