My Burden is Light

A few weeks ago, I was in worship and we were singing, “Your burden is light and your yoke is … More

Compassion > Offense

What if the counter-acting and abolishing force to offense was compassion? Instead of choosing offense, causing unrighteous anger and resentment, … More

The Next Step

The other night in worship, God showed me a vision; I was leading a song and the vision took over my … More

You Are the Bridge †

When you pioneer your life and take the road less traveled, you are discovering the road as you walk along. … More

HE Will Move Mountains

Working hard, diligently,  seriously,  and with enthusiasm is definitely something I got goin’ on. When I look back on my … More

T I M I N G †

Often, I find myself in the tension of timing. So often, I find myself hearing someone or myself say, “In … More

Cain & Abel

What I Learned From Genesis 4 : The Story of Cain & Abel 4 Adam[a] made love to his wife Eve, and she … More


Success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But, what does it mean to … More

From Moses To Miriam

INTRODUCTION: Being filled with the Holy Spirit and activated in Christ is an incredible experience. It can seem like something … More


Working out, staying active, and playing fun, physical activities all reminds me of this concept. Your body experiences growing pains … More

How Big Is God?

Obviously, when we talk about God there is this ethereal understanding that he is GOD, that he is the Creator … More

Words Have Power

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 God … More


It’s an interesting shift when control is removed from a person, space, or situation. When the mask of false humility … More

Lying & Cursing

Lying & Cursing Why Lie? For me, I always understood lying as something we did in our little worlds. For … More

Who I Am Today

It’s so easy to see ourselves as seasons passed. I remember so many seasons with a variety of landscapes, fruit, … More


EDUCATION LOVE | We can change the world. In order to change the world around us we need to change the … More

Powerful Women

Ya know, I’ve been thinking a lot about princesses lately and princesses as we know it seem like fairy tales due … More


When I first learned that I was awesome, it was a big day for me. I was in a church, … More

A Bride & A Big Wedding

What I’ve learned from planning a BIG wedding and what every Bride should know: Everyone always warns you that the … More

Be Inspiring

I’ve encountered many people in my life that I would call inspiring. Most of them would blush at the thought … More

No Comparison

“In an old  Japanese story, retold by Yasunari Kawabata, a bamboo cutter one day sees a stalk of bamboo that … More

Let Go And Uplift

As women, we’ve come so far in equality. Even when I look back at movies, I notice the evolution of Woman … More

Dear Generation Selfish,

Have you ever a noticed a person sitting on a bus stop overcome in sadness? So that probably means you haven’t … More

You Are The Proof

So I was talking to a friend of mine who is going through a break up. She has been single … More

Execute What To Do

I have a history. I know my history. The more I learn the more that there are parts that I … More

Imagination InLove

Experience can make learning something new really difficult. You plan everything out that you think “will most likely happen” because … More

Design Your Life

Talking to my friend across the world I noticed that she has had a life of stability. Everything mapped for … More

Guiding Emotion

“Life for some people can be living from emotion to emotion” Example: Men Men and Women are different creatures but … More

Act On Awareness

For me: Currently I am working on creating new habits and reparenting myself with God in the reaches of developing my … More

Music Dream

I didn’t go from a 2 year college to a 4 year college because to me it was a decision … More


You know… I love being a woman. I take A LOT of pride in my womanhood and I want nothing … More

Be Led By The Good

Growing up you learn what is right and wrong. You get rewarded for good behavior and you get punished for bad remembering to … More

Trust Me

“Trust me” He says. “Give it all to me” He requires. “I gotchu” He prophesizes. What does Trust look like? … More

Let yourself BE

Super simple. I’ve learned not to wait for permission from anyone to be myself. Yeah its important to have a … More

Have NO FEAR with Anyone

I’ve learned that life is about decisions. We have relationships with people so they help guide you, mentor you, and give … More

Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

As women we have an intuitive gift of being concerned for the people we love. Many of us aren’t necessarily good … More

Forgiveness Quest

My sister wrote a book on forgiveness. It’s being edited at this moment and won’t be published for a little … More

Acupuncture by Brunette

So last week I had my very first acupuncture experience. I had been thinking about trying to out for quite … More

Validate the Hurt

Communication tips when consoling a friend. Listen. Validate. Comfort. Maybe even Relate. And if you don’t relate, figure out a … More

Sustain Your Life

Dolly Parton once said “Growing aint gonna happen if you aint doin it on purpose.” Or in my eyes, with … More


POSITIVE does not = HONEST HONESTY does not = POSITIVITY So what positivity is for me is seeing the good in the situation and … More

Sacred Flower Remedies

SACRED FLOWER REMEDIES // MOVEMENT // NOURISHMENT Liz is a beautiful woman inside and out who has put a lot … More

Follow Bliss

When I was 19 living out of my car, many things went wrong.  My outlook was definitely not where it … More

Sharing Stories

There is something about living life and feeling so good!!!, that you want every person you love to be there … More

Want & Need

I was at the gym yesterday and during the middle of my workout I was craving some water. I walked … More


I sit down and I adjust myself to the point of highest spine, widest shoulders, and calmest neck. I soak … More


Do what makes you happy. I mean, you can’t get more basic then that. Write down a list of what … More

Vegan or Not.

So i got this article from And Mara Tyler gives a list of the 10 sources of protein for … More

My Political Rant

I would just like to take a second a say a few words on My America’s Political System. Its not … More


happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. happiness. Happiness is when I feel solid in the most gentle … More

Art Can Move Mountains

PERCEPTION PERCEPTION PERCEPTION art can change the world. art can change perception. art inspires and sparks perspective and perspective enhances … More