My Political Rant

I would just like to take a second a say a few words on My America’s Political System.

Its not much…Im not going to glorify one party nor am I going to slander another I am just a confused young adult of America and after traveling a bit and being exposed to the tortures of other countries its hard for me to wrap my brain around some things.

In third world countries they have dogs everywhere, I  mean everywhere. It’s like an epidemic. They multiply and multiply and the countries don’t regulate their existence or take care of them; they are all strays that roam in packs.

Why is it that our country is so good at regulating stray animals yet so lost when it comes to humans?

I believe that America is amazing and that it is the land of freedom and opportunity to change ones course however one may choose to change it. But seriously?

Our strengths in our government should be representing the unrepresented. It should be defending the ones that cannot defend themselves. Our strengths should be supporting and uplifting our children, our homeless, our battered women, our poor, etc.

Now, I came out of the welfare system and my family was on it for years and I am very grateful and will try with all my heart never to return but there are people who take advantage of that system. And I see these mothers and fathers in newspapers and on blogs being caught for spending their money and trading it so they could personally live more glamorous lives while their children still suffer.

In owning a business you have to keep every single receipt. It is what we call a tax ride off. Why can’t we teach these principles to poor mothers and fathers who whether are trying to make it or taking advantage of the system have to report their receipts of what they spend? They are on welfare because they can’t have a job so lets make welfare and their family their job so they learn those principles. Why can’t they set up a group per small community where the families all meet and kids play and do some group therapy or they don’t receive their money? Give them more responsibility allow them to learn the values that will be needed to uplift themselves!

Our education is nearly a joke. Once we hit high school our students should be taking Life Skills in every semester. Starting off with time management, then getting into job training, then planning their life whether it be through college or vocational, what grants and scholarships are out there, learning how to own a house, whats appropriate behavior in certain situations, health, nutrition, education on fast food, education on being active and making that a priority, etc. High school has become sports, clubs, or social and thats it.  If you’re not apart of something and if you’re family doesn’t care what happens to you then most likely your going to drop…its just way it is and it needs to change. We have some great teachers out there really trying to make it work with what they have and my hat comes off to them.

6109333202_26c8cfb855_zWe have so much capability in this country. In terms of homeless, I know the shelters need protection from the homeless and for the homeless amongst themselves because It is known as sometimes being more of a dangerous place then being on the street and it would take a lot of work and a lot of man power to create a space where homeless can come and be uplifted, but why not?! Why not our money go to uplifting those people and creating some type of apartment building/ common house / security / therapy / spiritual growth / school system that teaches them about “How To Do a Good Job Interview” and “How To Treat One Another” and “What It Means To Buy A Car” (Dream Center in LA). Why not? Even if they had one of these facilities in every major city, lets say it would cost them 2 million a year to afford that type of business for the homeless, thats chump change. Maybe our tanks need to not be as large next time and take a portion out for them homeless folks. I just don’t get it. I know it takes work, but the best kind of work is helping other people.

Okay Im going to stop before I get too passionate but seriously. America’s government strengths should be children, education, business, and uplifting the homeless/poor/in need . They should be speaking on behalf of all people and distribute the money based on priority not on political power. I want a change and I want it to be simple. Because it is!

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