Do what makes you happy. I mean, you can’t get more basic then that.

Write down a list of what makes you happy.

What makes me happy?

Listening to happy music. Being outside. Doing something active for my body everyday. Riding my bike around PB and down to the jetty and back with my headphones on listening to music. Playing my guitar. SINGING. Being around the people I love. Praying. Putting an outfit together. DANCING. Going to Boomsnap/Full Blown Stone concerts. Painting / drawing / coloring. Watching Ellen. Reading. Drinking coffee. Making money. Cooking for my sweetiepie. Giving gifts to the people I love. Talking on the phone with my sister. Having wine nights with just the girls. Camping. Wakeboarding. Beach volleyball. Playing piano. Laughing. Wrestling. Having game night.

Now I’m going to review that and see on my personal chart what I need to do more of or maybe even less of to fit more in so that I’m doing all of that everyday. Maybe not all of it every single day but everyday those are my only options and I need to check them off my weekly checklist until all of that is a natural habit. Some are for sure but I know what I need to do more of 🙂

be kind

be thoughtful

be balanced

live free. love free. just be

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