Want & Need

I was at the gym yesterday and during the middle of my workout I was craving some water. I walked up to where the water is and there is a long line for the “colder” water and not one person waiting for the “not so cold” water. I thought to myself,”Thats funny. If all these people knew that the “not so cold” water is better for you especially during a workout how many of them would drink that instead?” And then I thought,”But would they still drink the colder one because they like it?”

I wonder how much we decide based on what we “like” more then what is “best” for us. As a child, we loved eating cupcakes and ice cream but our parents didn’t feed that to us at every meal because we “liked” it.

“How many decisions do I make based by what I “want” to do instead of what I “need” to do?”

Basically, lets devalue instant gratification for a little while ladies….

Feelin’ me sistas?

Use your proactive energy and mental strength to figure out what is best for you andturn in to what it is you want you to do. To do good for yourself shouldn’t weigh you down but instead empower you and lift you up. It is why its the hardest. PUT YOU AND YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FIRST. TURN IT INTO PRIORITY.




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