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When I was 19 living out of my car, many things went wrong.  My outlook was definitely not where it is now, let me tell yeah. I used positive energy but as a sacrifice to the takers. At my 6 month mark, I had undergone terrible incidences. Lets just say, that if you knew…it would be very hard to believe, that that many things could attack one person in such a short amount of time. Anyways, I came to a point where I was ready to give up. Completely. Seconds away from ending the terror I heard a voice. Very strongly. Very clearly. Through my tear filled eyes  and sobbing breathe I looked around and still couldn’t see anyone. Through my broken window I yelled “Whose there?!!!” But no one responded. I figured my insanity came to all time low, as I tried to continue what I was doing I heard the voice and its words loud and clear “I HAVE SO MUCH MORE FOR YOUUUUUUUU!”  Frightened I dropped everything in my hands. A fear  came over me. Unlike the fear we all know and hate, but more like a  child in straight obedience with their father. I froze. Then I heard it again, “I HAVE SO MUCH MORE FOR YOUUUU….THERE IS SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU”

I challenged it.

If this is God I give you more day.

The next day was the first day of the rest of my life.

Since then, I have continued to live in my more. And when I reach my more that I made in my mind, God reveals to me the more he had in mind. That hasn’t stopped. Goodness is an unstoppable momentum. We just need to let it beee.

I wrote a new poem.

My heart pumps with every possible..effort…Energy magnifiying in every ….single ….part.

My eyes are in shock!

Because its all happening,

More and more of my dreams become reality.

While in loves pure kiss…I allow myself to follow my bliss…in loves safe strong arms…I fight the good fight to sustain loves beauty and charm…

oh destiny! you magical thing!

I understand now…why you say “give me your everything!”

Every part of love I have to offer… every…single..person I encounter.

Gods beautiful grace come upon me!!

Let me live through the current of your good will!

And enlighten the world that your love is freeeeeeee..

lord protect me as we continue to live out my destiny


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