Be Led By The Good

Growing up you learn what is right and wrong. You get rewarded for good behavior and you get punished for bad remembering to do the right thing, while building your “character spine”.

In yoga recently my instructor said, “You’re only as strong as your spine.” And that’s totally true for the body, but it’s also for the soul.

Now, I pride myself on doing the right thing.

Every “right” decision builds one more attribute to your character spine, strengthening it, building its soul muscles.

There are the big ones like don’t lie, steal, deceive, say things behind peoples back, cheat, not burning bridges in relationship with people, etc. that we all of you know not to do.

Then you learn things like what to do; get good grades, stay healthy, do what you love, keep your room and house clean, communicating with people, have guests over, make dinner with people, do what makes you happy, etc.

We all understand rules, but now we must understand that life is circumstantial.

When making decisions you must commit to not only what is right, but what is GOOD for that situation.

Sometimes it might mean allowing humility to guide you along with sacrifice. In other times, it might mean that you have to use your mightiness to stand courageous and strong in whats most healthy for you — even if feelings get hurt. More or less, its the bigger picture that you want to focus on. This doesn’t mean you buckle your character and cave into “badness” and loss of values; it just means continuing to stoke your stoked and painting the picture of your life and the lives around you — building this creation of life and character and spirit.

Life is all about decisions, and every single day you decide to do what you do. Every morning is new. Every day is the first day to the rest of your life.

God is so good and he is soo good to me and he is soo good to you…

When I make those good decisions I am strengthened, my body feels lighter, I increase in grace, I have more mercy, I have more compassion, more understanding, more courage, more bravery, LOVE overflows, and I flow.

Another simple way to say this is don’t have an attitude problem. Sometimes we all get so obsessed with being right that we destroy what is being built. In a debate you don’t win based on one argument, because its a whole picture that has many angles and perspectives and if you get stuck in one argument you’ll miss the whole thing.

Do what protects the wholeness and purity of your life and the lives around you.







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