Working out, staying active, and playing fun, physical activities all reminds me of this concept. Your body experiences growing pains when you are building muscle–you get sore from weakness leavin’ the body.

What if the first few times of soreness stopped you from continuing your activity?

You would never do anything active.

But when you embrace it and partner up with your body’s capabilities you end up really enjoying it! Change can be extremely energizing! If I asked some child what they wanted to be when they grew up and they said, “I want to be an Athlete of Change” I think I’d be floored with joy.

– NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES –ee52cea5da36609df8708f62d4972a32

This has been a mantra of mine for years but wouldn’t of made sense to me if life didn’t slap me in the face; more than just a few times. I’ve had my bubble of reality pop all over me, leaving its left overs for me to put back together and make sense of. Was I a martyr? Sometimes, but definitely not every time. A lot of times I was more like a fool or following the broken pieces of my heart and allowing them to lead me instead of operating from my spirit and place of Wholeness.

To fall so we can rise once again, is the story that we all get to play in sustaining freedom in an imperfect world. All of these experiences, whether from my own negligence or the negligence of others, have forced me to believe that the most constant thing in life is CHANGE. 

731f84194fded14ab4a47b25b82545b0The nature of our broken world leading to full restoration creates a collective consciousness that comes from a lie that inflicts a deep inner fear of change so that restoration is prolonged; individually, in families, and then as a whole. We gradually accept this fear and allow it’s minions of doubt to convince us that we are comfortable, stable, and have a routine in life. Which makes us feel safe and in most ways are healthy living and under the full armor of God. But there exists a small boundary; a line that we can cross when we want to feel like we have it all under control, especially in a world where everything seems extremely out of control. Not to mention the “stress” that comes with “change” that we so easily believe we feel and has “power” over us. That’s why the need of change is the hardest thing to identify within ourselves let alone make the decision to implement.  We fall into the pattern of the world.

“For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.” JesusC

Growing pains in the body are real. And I am a full believer that our mind, body, and spirit are far more intertwined than people may be aware of. And if our bodies experience real growing pains as a child into an adult than I am sure that our soul feels them the same. We totally know it and understand it when we’re young, and then BOOM! Somewhere in our 20s, depending on the person, a sudden shift happens and you take that long look back at your life. You try to make sense of everything that has happened or everything that your parents have taught you, prevented you from, or allowed into your life ( Age of Accountability). This inspires a whole new time and type of growth; a grow that is intentional. You become self aware of your actions on a whole new level and try to rationalize and justify all that has happened.


Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you have moved on from a memory or experience without learning the truth of what happened first. You have your take on the situation, right? You have what you saw, what you experienced, what is so real for you, but maybe just maybe there is more to it.

What was the bigger picture?

What was at play there?

Can you truly believe that you as a young child you had all the wisdom and understanding in the universe to process exactly how the situation went?

Honesty is key here. And we say we “dealt” with it, but if you’re stagnant in your life and keep noticing the same cycle, maybe you truly and deeply didn’t deal with it. Be honest with yourself, have courage with yourself, love yourself and find out the truth.

Confess what it is your so fearful to accept. Are you taking blame for things you shouldn’t? Are you protecting others by keeping it hidden in yourself creating voids and shadows in your heart?


When you embrace change and allow your heart to go through t6e2b2a20c2711a95adc67ee908e6fc5dhose growing pains, it becomes growing pains no longer. You get used to the process.  A little mourning of what you thought was soooo real, a little anger about it, but than you let it go and boom! You’re free! Experiencing the most beautiful and loving freedom ever!  No, it didn’t cost you $30,000 to be free, freedom was already boughten for you at the cross. You decide, okay I believe and I have compassion toward myself and I want to understand the truth of what happened. And once that freedom hits your chest like sunshine after a storm, you want more and more true freedom. The kind that sustains itself!


When you embrace change and get out in front it, opportunities come by the 100s and instead allowing circumstances, opportunities, or past inspirations to rule you, you become the decider of what is best for you. You become a receiver of the bigger picture because you have more clarity.

You heal from your past, so you can be whole in your present, and have hope for the future.

• THE  LORD  has called us ALL to be  ADVENTURERS 

In our lives, communities, and nations I see the growing pains and I see soar-d22-printsthe desires to make changes. If I had to pick one enemy of change, it wouldn’t be comfort zone, safety, or contentment. It wouldn’t be a lack of opportunity, it wouldn’t be discouragement, or even pain for that matter. If I had to pick one enemy of change; my heart says pride.

The spirit or atmosphere or arena that pride creates is one of immobilization. Pride doesn’t want you to do “jack shmit;” it wants you to be proud and egotistical and say that its your personal way or the high way and that you don’t need to change a thing! No matter your circumstances, beliefs, or creation, pride is pride. And the path of change is filled with conscious choices of gentleness and stoned with rocks of humility.

Sometimes what you “know” get’s in the way of what you need to learn. And there are things in you that CAN change! You can learn from your experiences instead of being a victim of them forever or finding a place of complacency forever.

93ffe68f3c018e5b03a9241d27745f25The enemy prowls looking for people to kill, steal, and destroy. That is his mantra. And his weapons are lies that harbor anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, shadowed wrong doing, confusion, chaos, destruction, and depletion. This all creates regret and a massive amount of insecurity, resentment, dread, doom, fear, depression, and anxiety. Those are the tactics and they haven’t changed since the garden.

Jesus came so that we may live in freedom. That is his mantra. His outcome is one of any of the delicious fruits he promised us; compassion, patience, generosity, discipline, kindness, love, joy, faithfulness, goodness, and gentleness. These are the thoughts that bring light to your life! That give you courage to be the most pure and fierce you in ways you can never imagine.

“Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Search. Identify. Speak. Release. 

After you release it to heaven, fill those vacant spots with whatever fruit you need for that space.

b0b1763ba846d51e9d25eba1a3b94367A lot of us decide not to identify the place where there is a need of change because that means confronting some of those broken pieces or soul ties. No matter how wise, experienced, or matured we have become, if there are broken pieces or soul ties that haven’t been illuminated and released you’ll spend your whole life running from them.

Does God use our brokenness? Yes.

Does the Holy Spirit fill us?  Yes.

But, to attain true freedom, the kind that sustains itself on earth, you gotta thread Jesus all the way through and let him show you what his perspective was and is on your incredibly great and awesome life.

You are a valued possession.

You deserve to be treated well.

You deserve to live a life of abundant freedom.

Surrender your heart to Jesus and see where he takes you.

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