Moving Through The Space Between

In my development, I have learned that when growing in intimacy with a person you almost have to leave space for opportunity. I find myself whether mirroring/feeling for a person in powerlessness, or giving them a blunt, unattached opinion. Of course, both empathy and objectiveness have their appropriate time and place, but there are moments for the in between. Allowing the room for the middle-of-the-spectrum to reveal itself, in relationship, allows what you don’t know or what the person doesn’t know to present itself.

The space to allow the present to reveal itself can be a presence that you feel. What you decide to do in that moment is what almost defines the moment (not you). Will you tune in, a get swept into the mighty and graceful power of what love has to say, or will you pull back? Will you make a pattern to pull back so that one day you realized that you pulled back so far, you forgot what you was you were pulling from?

When you awaken to the presence of Jesus (love), you realize that the presence in the gap is Jesus; who stands between you and another person, you and your circumstance, or you and your heart break. No longer are you subject to whats on the other side. You can see it, but it loses it’s grip on you.

That space between–for spontaneity–allows the inspiration of the connection or moment to spring to life.  What life can you speak into the other side, what can you create with it so that you are empowering it, bringing the light to it, and allowing love to engulf it.

But of course, that can be a vulnerable place. A place where you are not in control of what could happen next. You don’t know what to expect. And that’s good. That’s where you create opportunity for inspiration, intimacy, and reality.

The space between the spectrum of being one who reacts in powerless empathy or impersonal detachment.. is Jesus. The man and God in the center of all things.

Jesus knows every detail of every inch that separates or connects any living organism on this planet. Jesus can be in all and through all. And he knows the solution, comfort, and encouragement needed, desired, and hungered after in every situation.

Jesus is the reality within and between.

The Lord declares himself as the center. The center within our selves and the center in which the universe revolves around. To understand it, on a more tangible level, is to think of the sun. Not only does our galaxy revolve around the sun, but we completely rely on it. It is the energy that feeds the earth, ignites our skins, and lights up the world we live in everyday. Like the sun outside, Jesus is the sun from within. The presence of his love is that warm feeling that comes from inside to the back of your neck or when your heart beats louder than your thoughts. Jesus can be the illumination of a circumstance you couldn’t see clearly, and the holder of the time space we face in every moment.

So instead of mirroring a person or being completely unaware in conversation, I want to learn to act from my center and allow that space to ignite or carry the moment. However, reality is reality. And to know or identify the situation is important in order to grow from it. However, I just don’t want to stop at knowing what I see, but be more like a pioneer and discover the new land or territory that God has for me or the other person in the scenario. I want to lead a person to discover a new perceptive instead of calling out the known one.

My prayer is that I want my surroundings to exhibit the middle, the center, the all knowing, Christ Jesus that exists inside of me. God is not only for me personally, but for the action and interaction I take and experience. For the big picture and the details.

Easier said then done, but at least we’re making the first indent into a new brain pattern of thinking. Like a farmer preparing the land after winter for spring, we can do the work and plow the patterns of our thinking by taking the effort to change them–make them more like our spirit which is united with Christ Jesus.


In order to move further in intimacy with someone, you have to navigate through the space between every milestone to help you move you further–trusting the unknown through your commitment to one another you.

So, when a situation is occurring and you want to say the first thing that comes out of your mouth, think for a second. What is your intention? To control someone or to help guide them into the self discovery of the Kingdom inside of them. It’s okay to insinuate your thought–you don’t always have to force it.

In most situations, there is so much power when a person realizes something within themselves.


May the sun illuminate the path you’ve taken and the path you are discovering to take.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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