A Bride & A Big Wedding

What I’ve learned from planning a BIG wedding and what every Bride should know: Everyone always warns you that the wedding process is stressful, full of drama, and full of the unexpected. As a hopeful person I listened to that advice and with my share of wedding experiences knew it to be true, but always in my heart considered that maybe mine would be different. … Continue reading A Bride & A Big Wedding

Design Your Life

Talking to my friend across the world I noticed that she has had a life of stability. Everything mapped for her. Every step of her journey including all of the amenities one wishes to have; decided, prepared, and with very comfortable, exciting, and personal living and sleep accommodations haha. Traveling to her was not an escape, as it is for some people. Which is cool too … Continue reading Design Your Life

Beauty in the Chaos By: Oanh-Mai

Beauty in the chaos: I’m lying in bed, undies and bra. It’s 40 degrees Celsius here, and on days like these,you can’t catch a cool breeze anywhere. You jump on your motorbike, joining the sea of motorized vehicles in the haze of traffic that Hanoi calls ‘roads’, in hopes of feeling cool fresh air blow against your skin. Quickly you realize that the only air you’ll … Continue reading Beauty in the Chaos By: Oanh-Mai

The Rest is Still Unwritten: By Britt Hill

As I drove out of PB yesterday- windows down, sunroof open, windblown hair, Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” blasting from my speakers- I felt like a cliché, but I didn’t mind. From the moment I moved into the dorms freshman year at SDSU, I knew I made the right decision about where to go to school. The next 4 years came and went, and there is not … Continue reading The Rest is Still Unwritten: By Britt Hill

Wise Words From a Traveler: by Ashley Dittmar

Traveling is food for your soul.  Stop making excuses, and start living, because once you have traveled, then you begin to realize what life truly is about. People travel mainly to relax, sightsee, and enjoy themselves. I traveled originally for those reasons too, but soon began to realize what travel was really about for me personally, and that was to find myself, as well as … Continue reading Wise Words From a Traveler: by Ashley Dittmar

Living in a New Country : Lesson #253 By: Les Doye

Well that’s different…. Malta, Malta, Malta… what else can I say but what you are all thinking, where the hell is Malta? My home for the last 8 months or so has been a tiny, but beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean. And by tiny I mean a rock just about half the size of the CITY of San Diego (…I know right). … Continue reading Living in a New Country : Lesson #253 By: Les Doye

Get it Girl : Our beloved Kate Nelson

Kate is the co-founder for the Save the Mermaid foundation where keeping the ocean and beaches clean is their primary concern. They are gradually making changes all over the coast in California with “Save the Mermaids!” and “Ban the Bag!” Currently, she has brought this campaign to the beaches in Australia making her mark over there! Get it KATE!!! this picture is from 5th of July … Continue reading Get it Girl : Our beloved Kate Nelson