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Talking to my friend across the world I noticed that she has had a life of stability. Everything mapped for her. Every step of her journey including all of the amenities one wishes to have; decided, prepared, and with very comfortable, exciting, and personal living and sleep accommodations haha. Traveling to her was not an escape, as it is for some people. Which is cool too :p -It’s just, in this case, after traveling in college and experiencing the risk, the unknown, THE DIFFERENCE, the memorable moments, and all that is hers and only hers; once graduated she jumped on a plane and went as far across the world as she could. Seeking more, thinking, climbing, expressing, cooking, enjoying, learning, risking, overcoming, and most importantly DESIGNING. She’s putting the already made map down and grabbed a fresh one for the time being. She paused the next chapter and decided to write three in between, on her own accord. Followin that lovin feelin. Letting her smile lead. Seeking more.
take_risks___quote_by_magdoub-d4rrtslWhat everyone already knows is risk takes sacrifice. You seem to always be sacrificing something in any decision you make. If it’s traveling across the world you are sacrificing all that you know; family, friends, job, safety, assurance, and quite possibly overcoming the whole “fear of missing out” syndrome. So you make the sacrifice and you go! And you learn so much and you gain so much and then you come home. Now there’s a different sacrifice  that needs to be made; spending some time into reestablishing yourself, paying off some debt, and working again but this time with the layer of that incredible experience still upon you. Its okay and good. You are now regaining stability, you are applying all that you have learned, and you might even be saving money for the next adventure. Which evens out IN THE LONG RUN. And I feel that the more we understand that there issss soooo mucchhhh life to be lived we gain a better understanding that there is a time and place for all of our decisions and to follow the one that may seem like it makes the most sense for now or the most sense for later.
Risk is Risk man. And with greater risk comes even greater reward.
Seek that more.
Seek that truth.
hustleBut you don’t need to travel to know risk and to know sacrifice. Travel is awesome and everyone needs to leave their bubbles even if its for a weekend, a month, or a year or two. However drastically different the setting. But, for some people risk isn’t traveling but investing it into their dreams. Whoever said working and using the money to immediately produce and achieve dream goals is bad? Its not! Its risky! But its risk..Work can be a temporary thing. You don’t have to dive into a career so early these days to be happy and successful. Theres nothing wrong with starting your career either! I’m just saying that every person is so intricately different with different backgrounds  and current situations and not to mention the advancements of technology, I mean there is no one way to do almost anything. In regards to locations and work and passion and jobs and school etc.
(side note: there is one way to be and sustain no matter where you are in life and that is a person that is good to themselves and others and lives in love).
hk4HzLIFE HAS OPTIONS!! And with those beautiful ingredients you can blend a lil travel and lil dream and a lil work and do it all!
But a life without risk is stagnant young people! Knowing that anything is possible at any moment is so important! Knowing that at any moment the rug could be swept from under you or that you can consciously switch gears and take a risk and start your own venture, union, business, relationship, etc. I am just saying…its the risk thats key. The only requirement I believe strengthens you as a person, your faith in yourself, your faith in people, & your faith in God is risk. With risk you naturally are overcoming every self-made fear and limitation. You naturally sacrifice and surrender what think you know and you automatically begin to seek. And as you receive these experiences, encounters, and things –you gain a clearer idea of what you were looking forwhether you have been aware of it or not.
Thank you to all of you who have and still influence me so positively and inspiringly. We all help generate each others energy with the love that we have for each other. Love is all you need.


  1. Well,
    Where do I begin? The definition of “My Life” is “Risk.” It is all I know at this point in my melodious journey. And don’t get me wrong, “Melodious” does not always mean it is ‘beautiful’ – frankly the Dorian tonality can sound a little ugly. But I would say that my life is always adventurous, even in the sacrifice, even in the midst all life’s pain. But I would not, I could not have it any other way because those moments when I see the sun rise and fall over the deepest waters, I am calm, knowing just this kiss of life never leaves me and I’m still here, alive to experience it. My life has raged in the face predictability and I have come to believe there is nothing too impossible, but of course, this also means, there is truly no outside security. It must all come from within. There are days, I admit, I don’t believe the words I say. There are days it is not easy. But somehow, I still get up in the morning. Even when I’m angry w/ my God, he’s still there and I still know it and it’s still possible to keep on going. So, the art then becomes that of Balance. Just like on a paddle board or surfboard or a skate board. Maybe it is what I love about the Sea most, the dangerous exhibition I dive into without knowing whether or not the water will swallow me or the fish will eat me. It makes no matter. There is a raging beautiful fear – one equal to Divine reverence: for the Ocean, for the Risk…taking me right over the cliff. Why shouldn’t I free fall? What’s the worst that could happen?

    I”m glad you wrote this, Talee, so pointed and right. This is my favorite line: “Every step I have added a new color to my canvas capturing what it is I want to hold onto and express through who I am.”

    Well said, darling. Keep going. Thanks for the encouraging journey.

    Yours Truly.

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