Forgiveness Quest

My sister wrote a book on forgiveness. It’s being edited at this moment and won’t be published for a little while. Me and very few were privileged enough to be granted the honor of reading it pre edited. Fortunately, as my sister was on her own life path discovering her own revelations of how good God is she shared it with me. So I have been applying it to my life for over a year now. My quest began…

The timing of the book, for me, was perfect because I had undergone a family break up of 3 1/2 years ago and realized I hadn’t forgiven a few family members. I forgave a lot of them (I have a big family) but not all. I also went on a summer travel trip and by the end of that I had a lot of resentment and bitterness built up that I needed to deal with.

So the forgiveness quest of mine began and continues today and never ends. It’s a learned technique practiced technique and forgotten technique that might not get easier but definitely creates a habit.

So for me it started with forgiving memories. I never realized how many bad memories I carried with me til’ my sister described the forgiveness method of memory. When my mind would be transferred from a present moment to a bad memory that is when forgiveness is necessary. You say out loud that you forgive the person(s) or situation that hurt you, you forgive yourself for hurting them, and you forgive life for allowing it to happen. We cannot allow those memories into our filter systems.

In my daily life, if I catch my mind or mouth slip and say “Ugh so and so always does that” I stop myself and say. “Okay Tal. What’s the issue? What “offense” are you so offended by? What haven’t you forgiven?” Literally it can be something so small but that small lil offense over and over again adds up and then you have this negative filter system towards that person and you don’t even realize why and how it got there. Forgive em! Seriously. And sometimes after I forgive them I realize that I hurt them too. And in that moment I ask for forgiveness or even pray for the courage to reach out to them and make it right.

Once you forgive these memories with these people I guarantee you, you will stop looking at the present with an old mind. You will be renewed and you will be able to see things for what they actually ARE not what they were. You will not see and act out of old pain and old issues that you haven’t dealt with, because you HAVE. It’s the first step!

I know not everyone believes in God but I do and Jesus is a good example of being a good person anyway so why not learn from him. He taught us how to apply mind control with one prayer and in that prayer he praises God, he prays that love and happiness fills the earth, that we have enough food to stay alive, asks God to forgive us for the things we do to people and for the things people do to us, then ends it with not being led into dark places and us be free of those dark places.  I mean its the daily need to happiness right there. Later, in the bible one of Jesus homies is like “yo, I have forgiven my brother once already and you’re telling me I’m going to have to forgive him 7 times?!! Theres no chance” Jesus was like “not even..your going to have to forgive him 70×7”

So obviously forgiveness is a fluid, never ending, non stopping necessity to live a happy and full life. Whether it be referenced from the bible or not it’s fact. SO Good luck on your quest! And remember, this type of forgiveness can be for them, but its MAINLY  just for you 🙂

be kind

be positive

be thoughtful

be balanced

live free love free just be

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  1. Forgiveness would change people’s and we don’t even realize it. Whether it’s your childhood best friend, that mean boy in class, your significant other, your dad, that rude stranger on the street or yourself. If you’re always viewing the world from a place a hurt and sorrow, it’s gonna look like a lonely messed up place. But if you can look at it from a pure forgiving heart the world is much brighter and the people around you have so much to offer.
    I myself got into a rut because my heart was broken from not truly forgiving those who hurt me along the years. Like myself, people dont even realize they’re doing it, but they’re miserable and depressed and they don’t know why. But what’s so amazing is new beautiful memories can be learned replacing the ones you’ve forgiven. Forgiveness creates opportunity, it creates life. Without forgiveness you cannot grow and if you do not grow, you die. Forgiveness heals the heart and sets you free. And free is the way to be.

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