Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

1796457_10154006071125657_994471196_nAs women we have an intuitive gift of being concerned for the people we love. Many of us aren’t necessarily good at managing it, myself very much included. It’s one thing to be concerned for friends and family but to sit and worry or spend endless hours focused on it isn’t healthy. Even worrying about our own lives isn’t necessary. Personally, thats when my prayer comes in, or for others when meditation is very necessary. I don’t believe we were ever created to worry, it just isn’t good for us.worry

This past 9 months I’ve been finding a balance in working out/staying naturally active and during my quest I found that when I worried most  my body morphed that way, slowly and gradually. More so I discovered why my body was the shape it was. It’s a widely known fact that stress isn’t good for the body. Staying tense, on edge, food consumption whether it be too little or too light, all of it isn’t good. But what I want to talk about is how worrying creates postures and these postures can create unhealthy bodies.

As a worrier you tend to number one; slouch. You’re “weighed down” by this topic or this idea that isn’t real by any means. Its as real as you allow it to be. It has as much power as you give it.  I was slouching because I spent way to much time worrying and not enough time MOVING! Being proactive in finding a solution and/or proactive in other parts of my life.  That makes me slouch and sit as if Ive given up which can create more of a round belly or a bent back. Get what I’m saying?

Nasty_Gal_05_largeMore so, during this time I found that when I slept I was in a ball more, a round shape where my back was more on the pillow then my head, I had my hands on my face, etc. I was having weird and uncomfortable sleep and dreams because I wasn’t sleeping how I know I should be, which is long and flat.

Worrying is very interesting to me and I feel like worrying is being concerned with something but then taking it on as your own responsibility and allowing it to run your life. Believing in the negative outcome when there has not been an outcome. The most you can do is pray and put positive energy into the situation and move on to what is next for your life.

To be honest, everyone is always fine, were alive and happy and life is as simple as that.  But what happens when it is your life? What happens when there’s a project about to be due in two weeks and your worried whether or not you’re going to get a good grade because this grade means you graduate or not? Well worrying isn’t going to do anything to solve that so be PROACTIVE and give yourself the highest probability of success and that’s all you can do. That should leave you unworried because we all believe that we are smart, creative, and hard working so it will work out. 🙂

So! I believe in positive thoughts; love thoughts, kind thoughts, pretty thoughts, encouraging thoughts, dream and vision thoughts etc.  But when those things come up and you start to worry, pull it back and make it a concern. If I am concerned for a friend, myself, or situation I do something about it now, I make a phone call to check in, make a proactive move toward bettering the situation, or (most the time) I  say a litttle prayer then I STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photo

Mainly, we are all in charge of our own thought life and must be aware of what we feed in our minds. Because like food, it fuels our mind. So be careful what you believe, because what you believe is what you’ll say and what you believe is what you’ll do. The more you believe your beautiful the more beautiful you’ll be, the taller you’ll stand, you’ll sit at the edge of your chair, and stretch your body all over just by living a free life and not allowing stress and worry to constrain you.

My worry weight was in my belly. From slouching, WORRYING, BEING DISAPPOINTED, sleeping in a ball, etc.  My stomach has flattened because yes I work out, but more so working out started working when I stopped worrying!!!!

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