Music Dream

I didn’t go from a 2 year college to a 4 year college because to me it was a decision between:

     Debt and a random major VS music and life long friends

SO I chose music and life long friends.

Since then I’ve ran Open Mics, was apart of a Documentary on Music Festivals, sang at Festivals, sang in Yoga classes, sang with incredible musicians and bands, and got to get a birds eye view into all sorts of musicians and people with diverse musical aspirations. Ive had friends, bands, and festivals influence me to go in all sorts of directions with music.

And I want it.

but whats it?

It is :

Capturing a moment and setting it aflame by creating a sound expression that

uplifts my soul and enhances the souls around me.

I want music to be an experience.

And more importantly an encounter…

I want to do that.

And I want to be Talee.


So instead of following a lead I am a creating my own.

Not necessarily my own music but my own experience.

MY goal FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE is to incorporate


 I am Music and I am committing myself to the natural progression Music has for me.


I love you

Be you

Be kind

Be love

Be excited!

Believe in what God has for you!


  1. Funny, I guess it was about three years ago when we first met (seems like longer than that). I remember thinking, “Is this chick real?” Not in an abstact or dreamy sense—more in that I’d never met someone so enthsiastic about love and life and music and spreading the stoke. I’d never met someone who believed so genuinely in life’s goodness. At first, I almost thought it was fake. I quickly found out there was no way that it was, soon that outlook began to rub off on me. In my opinion that’s what a genuinely talented artist does—inspire.
    Three years later, here you are, still as real and as true to your passion as always, even more so, and your stoke is still spreading. It’s fun to watch a talented artist grow… Keep rockin’ it Tal.

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