Act On Awareness

For me: Currently I am working on creating new habits and reparenting myself with God in the reaches of developing my own success. I’ve been discovering layer by layer, new habit on top of new habit, more and more goodness in my space, and what awareness means to me. And what I’m discovering for myself is that awareness means being rooted in what I believe.

KNOWING MYSELF and being HONEST WITH what I know and to others IS AWARENESS!!!


The more I know, the more I believe, and the more I believe, the more I am.

FOCUSING ON WHAT IS FOR ME AND MY PATH, helping those around me, and bringing them up with me.

Sometimes people around you can influence you, especially at a young age, and we take that information so casually as a culture today when we absolutely need to be aware of what is actually happening in every interaction. It is incredibly naive to think that every interaction has no purpose.

confusedWhen somebody says something that confuses me, I ask questions. When someone says something that I might not agree with I ask questions and discuss through the topic until I can clarify their meaning or what message they are trying to convey. Is that being aware? Aware of what someone is trying to convince me of? What I stream along with in my thought process?

Every day you are on your feet, you are present, you have energy, you are able to RECOGNIZE what you know and what you don’t know, what you agree with and what you don’t agree with. This all happens naturally as people exchange information and discover each other (sharing).

Life is one big relationship and we are constantly passing on life’s newest adventures and themes with those we encounter. And it is interesting because at times you might come across people who you, for some reason or another, cannot do that with. It takes energy to exchange in even the simplest conversation. Not all of life’s relationships are going to mesh effortlessly but many of them require a lot of energy and a lot of love on purpose. That’s where awareness is most important! Hold onto the truth you know and be your own Tree Of Life while sharing the same Forest.


MISERY LOVES COMPANY. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU AGREE WITH CAUSE YOUR agreements >> create thoughts >> and your thoughts >>> create actions >>> which is manifestation of who you are.

Some people are constantly trying to bring you into their belief cycle forcing you to enable their fear and thats not good. Don’t be deceived or fooled by fear. There is no fear in love. So drive out that fear by loving the person. This doesn’t require an exponential amount of energy, but it does require a stable trunk like strength of awareness. Deflection is key in this situation and you can still love them even though you disagree with them.

*** Not everyone is meant to be loved the same as your most precious connections ***


As we are constantly changing and growing, keep in mind that sometimes you change and sometimes you don’t; sometimes other people change and sometimes they don’t.

So keep yourself you, you know who you are!

You know what you LIKE… you know what you WANT… you know what you NEED… and you know what you DON’T LIKE. And that my friend is alllllll GOOD. It’s good thing to KNOW YOU as God sees you and willing to learn more about YOU and how God created you to be.



SO what are you believing in? Who or what do you idolize (want to be like)? Are you an individual who is a part of a collective? Do you believe in anything? Do you believe in everything?,

Opening yourself up to the opportunities of persuasion causes a higher probability of submission and alteration of your direction.

Who and What are YOU under the Influence of?……good?


We are all changing and yet sometimes we are not. We hold onto everything we horizon-2005.09.04-19.28.28have seen, felt, touched, used, etc. over the years. I see these as fragments of knowledge, held onto from our youth, sharpened by our passion, energy, ambition, and our ability and freedom to have risk. As we take on new horizons and challenges, let go of old ideas that don’t work and create new ones, that do work. We are constantly molding, changing, rebranding, keeping up with “who you are now getting closer and closer to who you are meant to be.” Sustaining your momentum and seeking the new breakthroughs God has for you.

Remember, pain is not to be held by you but to be given to God. He paid for them already and they belong to him to carry and to work out in you. It is done. It is finished. It does not belong to you.

My pastor says, “our minds must be renewed in order to keep pace with God’s reasoning (revelation). He isn’t illogical, but He is trans-rational.” To turn sadness into darkness, to turn mourning into joy, with all the wisdom and character to keep it real and the child like essence to keep reaching. To recognize all these feelings in life as they happen over time and with different people in different places is to be AWARE of our changing presence, of who we are meshing into.. who you are becoming.

I believe honesty with yourself and others keeps you present.

If you are true to yourself, then you are true to others; and when you live in truth, you live in presence.


“The difference between information and knowledge is subtle but important. Knowledge is what you do with information. Knowledge is how you make meaning out of information.” — James Hilton

What do you do with what you KNOW?

Do you KNOW what you believe and what that means to the world inside you, around you, and beyond?

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