Let Go And Uplift

As women, we’ve come so far in equality. Even when I look back at movies, I notice the evolution of Woman Characters and how they’ve been depicted and treated. Strength is a reoccurring role but the role of empowerment and possibility has reached new and outstanding levels. A part of me though, can’t help but think we’ve lost a few things. Everything comes at a cost right? Did we lose manners in the workforce? Is chivalry dead in the cities? Do women understand what loyalty means towards one another? Is it true that only the elite know the way?


I was asking myself these questions tonight; searching and searching for the answer. Why is there this block that stops people from moving in effortless support of great women? What came up in my heart was the word resentment.

Is the spirit of resentment in these people?

Does pride open the door to more property in our hearts for resentment to seep in?

If it has then you already know that women are incredible creations of who God is. It’s just something has a hold on you for you not to behave well towards them.

So, say with me, “I send resentment away from my life and fill that space with appreciation.”

The Lord is not only Father but he is Mother. And Mama loves her babies, lends an ear and hand to the needy, and always gives appropriate mercy toward a situation. A woman is a powerhouse of wisdom and strength. A woman is to be respected and anticipated for. Whether or not you are a woman or a man it is time to support other women and there are no valid arguments against it. Allow the journey of supporting other women open your eyes to new capacities inlove.

Notice how you think, speak, and treat women.

I pray God’s blessings in your life.

Be Kind

Be Loving

Be You

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