No Comparison

laugh“In an old  Japanese story, retold by Yasunari Kawabata, a bamboo cutter one day sees a stalk of bamboo that seems illuminated from within and he finds there a tiny baby girl. He and his wife adopt her. ~She becomes gorgeous and ALL the men fall in love with her but she has no desire to marry. So she agrees to marry but the suitor has to meet all these impossible requests. Not even the emperor, who had fallen in love with her, succeeds. The woman remains inaccessible. Finally it is discovered that she in not of this earth, but comes from the sublime world of the moon. She is an exile among us as punishment, to pay for a wrong she committed in a past life. Her real parents come and take her away forever. The woman is upset at having to leave her adoptive family, but then putting on a dress of feathers, she forgets everything. To the emperor, who had tried with his soldiers to stop the moon people from taking her away, she leaves a little bottle containing the elixir of immortality. But what use is immortality without love? The emperor has the bottle of elixir taken up the highest mountain in Japan, which ever since, has been called Fuji: the immortal.”

In the book he explains that this is the story of failure. It is the tragedy of one who does not open herself to others and thus feels like she is from another world, makes impossible requests, distances herself from everyone. And if contact does not happen, then everything precious in the world, even the promise of immortality, loses its value.

This just reminds me of times when you close yourself off from others, you are isolated and without CONTACT (interaction/touch) which does not always create healthy mindsets. You can easily put yourself above or below others and miss out on the entire experience of your surrounding. You are no better, you are no worse, you are just as much as they are cause you ARE…and so ARE they.

imagesWhat people decide to do with their time is just as valuable as what other people decide to do with their time. Who are you to decipher what is and what isn’t? Everyone has their own desire of their heart.

All you can decide is “what is good for you” and do it to your fullest ability with happiness and love and without comparison. In fact embrace people for their differences and please don’t label it as inferiority or don’t label yourself has inferior. Its just different.

You CHOOSE to see what you see in people. If you want to see them for their “failures” or “flaws” then that’s your choice, but you’re definitely missing out on all their good, all their beauty, all of their unique EXPRESSION, and all the love they have to offer your world. Plus, the bible says how you measure others you will be measured as well so be careful what kind of energy you are putting out. Do not compare and prejudge, if you don’t agree with someone then don’t agree with them but judgment and comparison and competition HAVE ENERGY.

And if you’re busy and you haven’t had much contact with people and you feel like you’re missing out, then get around the people that love you and progress your mind! They will remind you of who you are and that you aren’t missing out on anything! Because most likely they are busy too! Especially as free flowing women we like contact with our people but just because it hasn’t been active in your life in this chapter doesn’t mean you should feel inferior or left out or insecure. I’m sure your people love you no matter what. Keep working, keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing and take that mental energy used wasting on feeling like crap into a more proactive mindset and figure out a way where you can get closer to your pure happiness. LIFE RE-EVALUATION.

Even couples.


Different couples have different stories. Some couples are love at first site, some couples have been friends for 10 years then fall in love, some couples have work in common, some couples have hobbies in common, whatever.. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN STORY!!!!

Be your own story. Be the STAR in your own movie 🙂

To be honest, my favorite quote I’ve ever said is, “The coolest people I know are the people who are themselves”

Align yourself with the YOU that God created YOU to be!


People are not to be compared but to be embraced and loved and the more you judge the farther away you are from the moment that can be, from the exchange that can be, and from the experience that CAN BE. (unless they are sociopathic, pathological liars, thieves, rapists, murderers; then love from afar and stay away from them because trust needs to be earned)



So that you can see people for WHO THEY ARE not WHO THEY ARE NOT

Be kind

Be positive

Be thoughtful

Be balanced

Live Free Love Free And Be



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