Who I Am Today

It’s so easy to see ourselves as seasons passed. I remember so many seasons with a variety of landscapes, fruit, people, circumstances, and adventures. I remember what was new for me, what was normal for me, what had happened to me, what could happen for me, and learning new lessons all along the way. And the best part is…. I am in a season right now.

Right now there is something happening for me and being created on my behalf. I don’t know the details of what it is but what I do know is that the parameters will be rooted in love, joy, possibility, true value, honor, and strength.

Do I think I was the same person I was 10 years ago? The same friend I was 2 years ago? The same person I was yesterday? Absolutely not. Everyday I am a new creation. Everyday the Lord presents me a new opportunity to trust him and follow his gentle way of greatness.

Change is the most constant thing in life and I can so easily see myself along the same lines of seasons passed but I am exactly who I am as I am today. When I look back I remember the victories of the past. When I look forward I envision the victories of tomorrow. And when I close my eyes and embrace the presence of today I am humbled with the mercies provided for me. I am a confident in knowing everything is going to be okay. That tomorrow is a new chance to embrace myself as God embraces me.

Who are you really? 

Now Future Past
T H E  P A S T  ? ? • ? ?  T H E  F U T U R E  ?  ? • ? ?   R I G H T  N O W ?!

Write down who you are.

Then ask your words these questions.

“Is my identity in my circumstances?”

“Is my identity in what I do?”

“Is my identity in what I stand for?”




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