Success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.
But, what does it mean to you?

A person’s value system is greatly tied with their idea of success. If they value power, success to them is power. If they value a position, success to them is a position. If they value the happiness of their family, success is family cohesiveness.

For most, it means stability. For others, it’s financial freedom. For some, it’s what the world deems as being someone that people want to follow.

In the end, I believe that all people want, is to be known. People want to be known for being exactly who they are. Most people find their identity in their talents, knowledge, or all their hard work; desiring the acknowledgement for the things they do to make them “them”. But is that healthy? Is what you “do” who you are?

What if being a successful person means living in the truth of life? And in that trueness you radiate hope and joy?
What if a person valued the unique design and light that they reflect to the people around them?
What if a person values their purpose?

“Everyone who is called by My name, And whom I have created for My glory, Whom I have formed, even whom I have made,” Isaiah 43:7.

Does that mean living their purpose will equal being known by the world? What if your purpose doesn’t get recognized by the world? What if your purpose is consistently in the quiet; the countless moments of being exactly who you are for the world, on behalf of God, when no one is noticing. Would you find happiness in that?

Personally, I get so much satisfaction in helping people discover their treasure and lifting them up high to be it. For me, that can mean swiftly guiding them toward their pathway to happiness with the result of them flying away. Yes, that can mean without any recognition, loyalty, or even a thank you. To the world, that sounds very rude. So, should I follow the world and aggressively speak out and say, “Hey! I did that for you! I guided you! I believed in you when no else did! I gave you the courage, I gave you the idea, I helped you be who you are today! I was there in your darkest place!”…me

But, what would that bring? What would that even mean? Is that nature in which I started–to get a thank you? Do I really want them to high five me? Or should I agree with heaven and cheer them on, even if that means from afar. Yes, keep my love pouring into these people as their intercessor.

In the business of uplifting people, like a mama  bird  to her babies, they fill up and fly away.  And it can be a trap at times to want recognition, because in fact, I didn’t help them for myself, I helped them for them. Why wouldn’t their happiness and their success be enough for me? For me, I’ve learned within my continued and un-wavered purpose (not allowing the world’s meanness or bad ways to influence my purpose),  people who needed my guidance came to me so that I may be their intercessor.

What is an intercessor you ask? It’s someone who stands in the gap for you and proclaims your destiny, identity, and stand on your life, for you. People might not have the where with all to recognize that, but their designed to seek intercessors in their life to champion them and guide them. And then, there are the others. Those who received my guidance as a friend, always seemed to turn back around. 🙂 True friends always stick by your side.

So if you’re like me, wanting to be a catalyst for God in changing the world to be a better place one life at a time, you have to dc712ae5c56255ca3ced5617d93c35da.jpgrealize that the purpose in which you are having these intimate relationships with do not always “add up” or have the outcome the world would expect. Remember, you are doing this for people, not for yourself.

I have spoken about this topic to many friends, and it seems that everyone wants “credit” where credits due. And I totally get that. I experience that inner battle all the time. I see that kind of culture all around me in the city of “branding”.  The flip side to that is sometimes people give themselves credit where credit is not due. You don’t know who, what, where, and how God has been moving and planting seeds and sending mighty winds in the hope of change for their life. The thing is, God’s timing is always at work, and God will make it happen when it’s time to make it happen.

However, he uses us to inspire one another and yes, appreciation and recognition is always a good thing. It’s always good to respect those who have respected you. It’s always good to be kind to those who have been kind to you. It’s even better to be kind to those who have not been kind to you. And to bless those who have hurt you.

Knowing God is the key to this circumstance. As simple-minded as people may think this is, it’s actually the most freeing and empowering concept. Because, even when I guided the lost or the powerful in being all that they can be, God is who led me in the first place. God is who put that dream in their heart in the first place. God is who revealed to me  exactly what those people needed to hear, and God is who deserves all the glory and all the recognition. I thank God that the world’s idea of success isn’t his idea of success.

Yes, every person desires to be known and acknowledged for their pure and unique design and deserves the respect and encouragement to be given the space to live in that fullness. However, God is who is ultimately in the moving. God is the the Great Creator, not only in the womb molding you together, but in your every day creation and movement toward your destiny.

Look around. Maybe its the person at work whose always putting everything they’re working on to a standstill to hear your heart. Maybe its your parents always available to guide you through a circumstance. Maybe its that friend that never wanted what you gave them, but just wanted to be around the beauty of who you are. Instead of worrying so much about you and your “self”, what if you looked around you to find someone who needs to be known and wants to be heard? Where can you uplift a person?

Championing others is an experience of wholeness. Not worrying about the promotion of one self, but focusing on the greatness of your brothers and sisters in love. Where can you help take a person higher than they have ever been?

Let me ask the questions again:

So what does success mean to you? Where do your values lie? Where do you spend your money? Where do you spend your time? How do you treat people? What do you do with what God gave you?

Overall, I must say:

Success creates itself when you have peace within, radiating it to others, and being significant in other’s lives


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