Sharing Stories

There is something about living life and feeling so good!!!, that you want every person you love to be there with you.

It’s definitely something you learn when you travel. Because a large piece of the pizza pie of traveling, has this truth about the moments when you realize how incredible life is and when you see it and feel it you want the people you love most seeing and feeeling it. And you could even give an arm and a leg to have them all be with you in that moment.

Thats what sharing is.

“Let me share with you how awesome this is” not “Let me rub my happy times in your face”

Youtube is the perfect successful example of this. People recording how funny, how pretty, how fun, how insane, how remarkable this life can truly be. AND FACEBOOK. Technology’s way of communicating and sharing seems to be supported, why not face to face?

And being a person who has listened to many many many stories, I feel as if I have traveled and gone to those places too.  When you hear these beautiful stories you get to impart a piece of their learning experiences. Just like professors in college. We learn from each others lives people! 🙂

Share your stories, listen to stories, and embrace peoples experiences. There is a lot to be learned in each other.

Be open.

Be loving.

Be patient.

Be kind.


  1. Thank you for this post… I’ve been having such a hard time being able to share without the “oh I’m sorry I don’t travel as much as you” line being spat back. Why does it have to be a competition? I want to encourage people to see!!! …It is never the intention to belittle someone with what I have experienced. your last two comments hit home so hard. 🙂

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