Have NO FEAR with Anyone

I’ve learned that life is about decisions. We have relationships with people so they help guide you, mentor you, and give their perspective on whats best for you. Discern those words; listen but reflect and decide whether those words come from goodness or ego/darkness/not the will of God. As you go through life, you have these people that KNOW you:  your habits, your weaknesses, and your … Continue reading Have NO FEAR with Anyone

Validate the Hurt

Communication tips when consoling a friend. Listen. Validate. Comfort. Maybe even Relate. And if you don’t relate, figure out a SOLUTION together. Give your advice. Be gentle. Lead into it.Learn Technique. Practice Technique. FORGET TECHNIQUE. In general, as women we’re naturally like this when it comes to our path of speaking but we don’t always use the right stones. Remember to LISTEN and be HONEST … Continue reading Validate the Hurt


POSITIVE does not = HONEST HONESTY does not = POSITIVITY So what positivity is for me is seeing the good in the situation and keep moving forward..no matter what. And that’s good. But what would be great is if I drew from honesty as well. Because when you are trying to be positive all the time, it can propel you into delusion or even worse, denial. We must make a … Continue reading Honestly….