What do you know at your age?

Imagine if that was the age you were approaching in your life. That next number right around the corner. Can you imagine thinking that “Im about to be 60. Woah”

I had a good day at work today. And mostly because of how many people were there.  We consider nights like this “dead.”

Like we’d say “man its dead. no ones here”

So I had the time to really get to know my tables. The ambiance outside with that view definitely puts people in a mood and when people dine there it’s usually for some type of occasion. Today it was only a few tables, most taking their time, 2-3 people, and all there for different reasons.

The table that inspired me most outside on the patio today were two women, in their late 50s, celebrating both their birthdays, and  in fact they were sisters. They got there right away, took their time so that the dessert would land right on sunset. They had things like a glass of champagne to start, then one went lemon drop martini up and the other a Cabernet. They had the filet, scallops and lobster strudel, just livin’ it up. Well, while talking with them I noticed they were really amped about going on a trip to Europe and they scheduled it for 17 days: France Germany and Prague just the two of them. They said “Yeah are husbands are so used it. They just say ‘ya go whatever’ haha


I feel like people have their “things” with age and I personally think age is one of the most beautiful and drawing attributes in a person. AGE IS IN, man.

child-friendly-restaurantsNot even a number though you know? Just like- a mindset, of an accumulated amount of different past mindsets, or in other terms what you used to believe in.  And tons and tons of moments and memories that string along with it. And yes, sometimes you still believe in things that you learned and thought were true with you, but weren’t. A few problems that you still haven’t found the solution for yet and haven’t realistically, thought all the way through yet, you know? Your stuck in a memory and you can’t get out. But you can.

You know, everyones the same.
Everyone messes up, everyone has their falls.

It happens. Think stuff all the way through and when you hit a speed bump, get some good advice from someone who has experienced that same experience. Then move on. But most the time, the mind is filled with the BEST MEMORIES. And its like the more I remember the ones that make me feel beautiful, strong, and that anythings possible the more I repeat that into my life for what it is now. Carry the goodness now, express the goodness now, be the goodness now, and just get more and more comfortable with it. The more comfortable I am the more NATURAL I get. I think it provides minimum self consciousess and minimum sensitivity with high confidence and high self belief. Dude its where its at, I think…haha..for now at least. ANYWAYS 🙂 so yeah, age is sweet man. You get better and better at keeping all that good stuff we were born with, and you get strong by fighting to keep it .

things like curiosity



hoping..                                       ~~~~~~~~~*



~~~~~~~*                                          all the good stuff 🙂

what are you fighting for?

lovely things like :

beauty? connection? your close friends? your family? their dreams? their heart? your heart? your dream? what are you fighting for?

that same song I wrote that is in the bottom of “NO FEAR” has these lyrics too…

You think u were born to sit?

watch everyone else live?

Accepting that false fact…

But my love whens your match?

Cause the dreams that u dream

late in the night

Its all upstream

But its worth the fight

have courage.

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