Sustain Your Life

Dolly Parton once said “Growing aint gonna happen if you aint doin it on purpose.”

Or in my eyes, with a purpose.

During my new resurrection and creation this year I’ve made a conscious choice to not have a phone for a little while. And that was justified in my opinion because I knew that I needed to see life without that layer of technology being a part of it. I needed to tap into my surroundings/scenery more, I wanted to see Pacific Beach the way I saw it two years ago as the City of Gold and to remember what it meant to have spontaneous human connection. This helped build my structure (character) in the direction that I wanted it to grow. So first layer – no phone – ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.

The next layer to this I learned was a re-appreciation for nature. I was learning about how distracted we are and how much time we waste on our phone. I even was using up my creativity on the phone instead of actually creating things in real life.

So in my soul structure I have this development, this “wing”, completely designed by the labor I did, the sacrifice of not having a phone, and the amount of surrender I gave to God in this season. Because, boy does not having a phone make time slowwww down. haha. I wouldn’t trade that for the world and I highly recommend to people, you don’t need to probably do it for as long as I did because my life just fit perfectly for that at the time, but maybe once a week push it aside and just enjoy the day and what it is offering you. Phone-less.

The same thing happens with lies. But with lies the structure cannot sustain.  You experience this counterfeit material thinking it is true but when it all collapses you realize it was all fake. Now in order for me to sustain myself as a person I need to make sure that my mind is believing and building on TRUTH of any size.

Story 2: I have a friend that cannot understand why she has this small issue. It’s nothing crazy or dramatic but it’s present. She wants a relationship but she can’t seem to find the right guy. Every guy she’s drawn to seems be the same pattern as the guy before. Douche-er. And as I look at this beautiful soul, oh my, she is seriously the epitome of one of a kind, and I am baffled. I am baffled because how can someone so beautiful and so independent and strong and driven allow this pattern in her life. And I came to a realization that her formula for men is based on lies. So that when she ttys to build these relationships they crumble because they are only meant to crumble. She isn’t loving wisely she is loving ignorantly.


This also occurs in circumstances. Don’t let your circumstances define you. Do not let your “failures” measure your happiness. Do not let anything measure your happiness. It is not something that needs to be measured. Ever. It is.

Happiness is you in the truest form.

Find out what YOU BELIEVE IN.

Every moment, every word you say out loud , and everything you watch, read, and support.

BE AWARE of the things you say and I would try to remove any judgement and blame that is current to your circumstances. Think of the core values that you have and that other people have. Connect with people truthfully. So that your structure that you build will be based on truth. So that it can sustain during any circumstance. No matter the pressure.

Right now I have a serious goal.

I want to be the exact same person NO MATTER WHERE I AM.


Wear the same clothes, use the same language, have the same movement, share the same ideas, and share the same kind of love. I want to sustain myself at all times.


by: Kelsey Jones
“I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder,chaos, especially activity that appears to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom.” -Jim Morrison. “Like a building collapse. All the activity that goes into creating something that ultimately will be destroyed. Seems pointless. Every simple act, there is always an impact left behind. Like the cloud of smoke and a void in the horizon of something that once was. Embrace the impermanence because there’s beauty in the chaos. This is the road toward freedom and happiness.” -Kelsey Jones
Lyrics to a new song of mine:

the counterfeit can never remain

the pressure of truth is to strong to sustain

so when you reach the top and have a moment of clarity

it comes crashing down because of the cheap quality

no I dont believe in the fear of your words

nor do I agree in the lust of your drive

I cant be persuaded time and time again

its insane for me to think that your alive when your dead

I will continue to move with my destiny

and pray that one day you will be able to see

the heaven that roars inside of me


Jesus sustained himself, in the midst of agony, slander, accusations, around strangers, people he was close with, pain, crucafixion… he sustained himself. true freedom.

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