Live by the Sun Love by the Moon By: Brunette

Today’s mantra: live by the sun love by the moon

What good shall I do this day?     

         You can derive your inspiration for life and to live from absolutely anything around you beautiful or ugly. On days when there is no sun in my beautiful life here in San Diego I have to find other ways to get my serotonin levels up and my positive energy flowing.

I create my own sunshine through my friends and the experiences I share. Just as the rays from the sun increases our happiness and sense of well being so do these individual moments we create with the people we love. We need to cherish them, value them, and realize the importance of these times as quickly as possible. I hesitate to write before it is too late because truly it is never too late, a realization made at the beginning middle or end of ones life is an valuable realization all the same. I remember this quote I came across recently “you do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” The value in understanding that what comes out of this life does not end when we die just as it did not begin when we were born. We are more all encompassing and powerful than we could ever imagine once we grasp the endless source of our existence. This is not to say I am religious, one does not have to believe in god to believe in the existence of our soul. One just has to feel it. To take the time to focus on yourself in a world where the hustle and bustle of everyday life tends to drown out our ability to hear or listen to ourselves. We value out relationships with everyone else around us, so wouldn’t it go without saying that the most important relationship we should have is the one with ourself.
So take some time and get to know yourself. You might find that you really weren’t paying all that much attention to what you need and want out of life. This is your journey in this world and your exploration is dependent on your craving to be open with yourself and who you are. Don’t be afraid to take risks to push yourself out of your comfort zone. These are the moments that test who you are and allow you to learn and grow as you work towards whatever goals you have out of life. Success. Happiness. Power. Money. Freedom. Family. We all want something. We all crave for more. Our basic human instincts are love and thought and with these personal drives innate in all of us there is no way to go through life without desire. Desire to know more or desire to know others more. This causes us to question to wonder to ponder and to communicate our feelings and thoughts with others.

Never take for granted the life you are living now. Enjoy each day and remember to get out and play

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