Stayin’ on the MOVE


After a trip touring the country I have been obsessed with doing when I got back was try and be as healthy as possible. Living a life of fast food, beer, snacks, pizza, and SITTING ON A BUS FOR DAYSSSS was not a life for me. So when I got back, I had a new outlook on the gym, exercising, and eating healthy.

This is my outlook:

In order for me to gain spirit and to be free and lively I need to exert energy for ME. I’m not trying to look a certain way or fit a certain mold. I’m spending time on me because I love me. I move and use my body to FEEL GOOD, ABLE, AND STRONG. So relying on a group of people to play volleyball everyday isn’t going to cut it. Generally speaking, I recommend you number one; buy your own groceries and eat healthy organic foods because the chemical used in fast food and junky food doesn’t help your body nor does it help your BRAIN functionality (those chemicals aren’t real!). Secondly, I recommend you do something of a work out everyday-JUST YOU~whether it be YOGA, BAR METHOD,  CROSS FIT, GYM or the most inexpensive option: SURF.

No matter what, I go to YOGA and Cross Fit multiple times a week. If you can’t afford such luxury I beg to differ! Cause that is an equivalent price to a weekend of alcohol, eating out, and buying a new outfit.

In addition, I play beach volleyball, ride my bike everywhere, go on hikes, take dogs on walks, play football, do PADDLEBOARDING AND PADDLEBOARD YOGA etc as much as I can. The gym or studio yoga is my personal hour, where playing beach games and going on hikes with friends is apart of a shared experience with people and is fun fun fun. I sware there is nothing that makes me happier then spending the day playing sports on the beach with my friends in the sun.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and full of positive energy and is doing thannggs for themselves!



  1. Talee Im so down to play some Beach! I love volleyball and been trying to get someone or a group to play with. Bartender Jake plays in south mission but I haven’t had a partner for the double games.. if you are interested I’m so down. I liked your article seems like we are on the same wave length. peace and love hope to here from you soon.

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