Design Your Life

Talking to my friend across the world I noticed that she has had a life of stability. Everything mapped for her. Every step of her journey including all of the amenities one wishes to have; decided, prepared, and with very comfortable, exciting, and personal living and sleep accommodations haha. Traveling to her was not an escape, as it is for some people. Which is cool too … Continue reading Design Your Life

Act On Awareness

For me: Currently I am working on creating new habits and reparenting myself with God in the reaches of developing my own success. I’ve been discovering layer by layer, new habit on top of new habit, more and more goodness in my space, and what awareness means to me. And what I’m discovering for myself is that awareness means being rooted in what I believe. KNOWING MYSELF … Continue reading Act On Awareness

Have NO FEAR with Anyone

I’ve learned that life is about decisions. We have relationships with people so they help guide you, mentor you, and give their perspective on whats best for you. Discern those words; listen but reflect and decide whether those words come from goodness or ego/darkness/not the will of God. As you go through life, you have these people that KNOW you:  your habits, your weaknesses, and your … Continue reading Have NO FEAR with Anyone

Acupuncture by Brunette

So last week I had my very first acupuncture experience. I had been thinking about trying to out for quite some time but hadn’t made the final push until my boss gave me a package of them for Christmas. I am a huge fan of alternative, natural, non-Western medicinal practices and absolutely love my chiropractor (who also happens to be a natural vitamins/supplements, your body … Continue reading Acupuncture by Brunette