Guiding Emotion


“Life for some people can be living from emotion to emotion”

Example: Men

Men and Women are different creatures but of the same mold. We all have our go to jams of emotions and tendencies. Individually we have different habits and expressions. We all choose something and everything. Some men have a go to jam of getting angry while a lot of men even value stress above all other emotions. Some men don’t like to embrace their emotions because they were never taught how. As women we need to be smart and know that some men do not allow themselves to feel emotions.They push it aside or find value in other things to mask their feelings.

Remember women, were here to love and help people.

Help people feel the emotions of longing, admiration, sadness, appreciation, and many others. Not take their emotions as our own responsibility but guiding a man through taking accountability for them. With accountability can come learning how to deal with them and get through them. Only then can you turn those emotions into productive thoughts and proactive actions. Emotions can come and go but the results of how we deal with them can last forever.

Were here to comfort the soul and encourage the heart.

Theres no need to be scared of the truth that lives inside of us.

Express it as it comes.

Let go of it when it leaves.

Do something productive in it’s place.

And do it all over again.


Be You

Shine Through

Wear Your Smile

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