Imagination InLove

Experience can make learning something new really difficult. You plan everything out that you think “will most likely happen” because a lot has happened in your life! While learning how to drive my new car’s stick shift, I sat behind the wheel and saw it all! I would see myself stalling a hundred times before actually getting anywhere. I would see myself stalling in the middle of an intersection and getting slammed by a car. I was sitting behind the wheel and seeing all my failures! Failures that haven’t even happened! What is that?! Well, I have seen car accidents and have watched many movies with many car scenes. My imagination is so powerful that I can picture it all! Not only can I picture it but now I can feel it and I am overcome by it.

The problem with this is that I’ve chosen negative experiences to support negative ideas.

This is the


…but in fear.

God created us to have imagination to use imagination for communication. Communication within ourselves and communication with others.

As a child I played imagination more than any other game. I loved replaying what I had seen and creating what I had not. In the bible, God says that he wants us to be childlike. So, instead of using fear and what the world may try to convince me of and doom me into while being in my imagination, I choose love. I choose to use my imagination for LOVE.

LOVE IMAGINATION for my life and love for other’s lives.

Getting behind the wheel, I sit and imagine myself driving to work effortlessly. I imagine walking to my lobby, setting up my yoga studio, and then teaching a room full of open hearted and spirit filled yogis. I imagine us hanging out after and talking about our lives and encouraging one another to follow our dreams and supporting one another in them. I imagine driving home waving to strangers, people seeing my inlove sticker being curious about my business, and getting home safely.

your eyesWhen you have a strong desire to learn something new or you are forced into a situation where you have to learn something new, believe you will learn it! Use your imagination to see yourself not only doing it, but doing it with power grace and creativity.

You don’t have to stop there. Imagine more. Imagine it all for yourself. Imagine healing in your body, healing in other’s bodies, restored relationships in your family, imagine your career, and imagine it all inlove!

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