Execute What To Do

I have a history.

I know my history.

The more I learn the more that there are parts that I want to repeat in a happy revised way and there a things that I do not want to repeat ever. I know I can’t change the past but I can do a lot to change my future.

The lesson of the day in our volleyball excursion was that every time we messed up, we figured out what it is we needed to do for next time, and kept trying to reach our highest potential. If we focused on how bad we were doing and to not make that same mistake again then we would make it because that is what we are holding onto. But instead if you focus on your potential and continue to increase in skill and probability of success then we would get closer to that point more and more. Please, don’t get stuck on a sentence or get stuck in a situation but move toward the next one.




Onto to the next opportunity and to the next possibility.

Apply what you know TO DO for the next situation.


Focus on what to do and who you want to be and you >>> WILL BECOME IT

Think. Believe. Manifest.

I like to see it as Jesus said, “Everyday is a new day.”

Every single day you wake up and in a sense, you’re doing the same thing all over again.







And in everyday, you have the opportunity and the authority to make whatever it is you need to make happen in that day. Anything and everything you want. Some time might be spent as an investment for a future moment, some time might be for your own enjoyment,  and some time maybe spent for someone you love.

Today is your day to use everything you’ve learned and EXECUTE IT.

Execute yourself

Align yourself.

What you think is what you do.

What you believe in is what you invest in.

Go for it.

Be kind.

Be brave.

Be lovely.

Be honest.



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