When I first learned that I was awesome, it was a big day for me. I was in a church, in Los Angeles, and Pastor Gram said, “You are destined for greatness! Every single one of you was born to be something great!” My mind was blown. For most, they expect that with their lives but a lot of us didn’t have that belief system. Even in churches I here “I am nothing and God is everything” which, if not understood correctly, is so sad to me.


Technically, God is everything. He created everything; every single cell in my body has the make up of God, the mechanics of my watch were made by resources God created, my computer was an idea that God implanted into people, the ocean is God’s doing, the mountains, etc. Yes, God is everything and without God I would not exist and I would in fact be nothing but I do exist. I am something. In fact God created me to be something great. To call myself nothing or worthless is agreeing with the enemy and quenching my ability to believe in myself and what God has for my life.

The more I believe in myself the more I believe in God. The more I believe in God the more I believe in myself.

God created me, my soul, my personality, my nuisances, my clap, etc to say that I am nothing is like telling God that his creation sucks.  Bill Johnson talked about something like this one time and what I got from it was “I do not want to be an evangelist for evil.” I do not want to repeat the enemy’s attack on my identity at all. In other words, I am awesome.

So with that awesomeness comes confidence; believing that God created me to be awesome. Believing that God wants to use me. Not minimizing the Lord inside of me but giving him more room within to use me, to move through me, to inspire me, and potentially be a constant vessel for heavenly realities, beliefs, and truths.

The Holy Spirit never stops. It is everlasting and will always be reaching toward us to influence us into heavenly, life giving, and empowering ways. It has an unlimited resource of energy that energizes us and gives us life. Its funny that depression has become a one of the largest epidemics in the world…the enemy is trying to steal our belief that we have endless access to joy, energy, and unlimited resource.

You are awesome. Believe it! Walk in it!

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