Celebrate The Victory


Oh what a safe place God is in us.  And when we spend time with God, truth is sent from heaven > to our hearts > from our heart > to our minds like a gust of wind! And like a running river, love charges through our minds and again! All is clearer! All is new! Revelation comes and we have been made pure! We get to experience and encounter love on a daily basis because we’ve accepted the truth that Jesus rose from the dead and lives in us today and that his blood rescued us, so BOOM! The heavenly gates are open!

How?! Why are we so lucky?!

Because we believe and know that it’s there! And that we have access to it without even doing anything for it but believing!! I am one of his many daughters and we are all welcomed!

Oh the heavens and its beauty. That river that runs through us right up to God’s throne and there it is…Jesus…

The Presence is like a ray of sun shining through our skin but instead from the external it is from the inside out and in that moment we are whole again. We carry God’s presence as the light of the world. We are a carrier from the spirit to the natural. And there are so many others!

The joy I feel that explodes from my pours to be surrounded by God’s army! I am filled with expression of his victory in all of us!!! We come along side each other and are the living and breathing kingdom of heaven on earth! Let’s celebrate the victory!

God’s love and plan for this world excites me beyond measure and I clap and clap and clap but I can never clap enough for how awesome God is! The way he moves in my friends! In my family! All people that align themselves with what is good and pure in this world get to experience the everlasting!

This reminds me of what we soaked in at MVCLife’s Women’s Retreat a week ago, “God is the vine and we are the branches so that the fruit of the spirit will grow and be beautiful and edifying and delightful! We are here for one another!” So good!

Celebrate the victory, small and large–in your life and the lives around you.

Don’t compare. Don’t compete. And don’t stifle the love and celebration of heaven. Celebration of Gods goodness propels Gods goodness to all those around us.


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