You Are More Than Enough


I have a friend that’s been on my heart this week. This friend has been given more responsibility then they’ve had before and I see this as an opportunity for them to steward goodness, to motivate people, and be a leader in where they are. New responsibility may seem like a lot at first because it is. There is a lot to learn and a lot goes into new projects, new roles, new jobs, etc. and the most important thing to remember is to be you.

You can have a label of Executive Vice President, Teachers Assistant, or Barista; whatever your job or role title may be you are now accountable for this position because you are you. You are trustworthy, you are kind, you are fun, you are intelligent, you are a fabulous lover, you are reliable, you are diligent and hardworking. The list goes on and on and those types of characteristics in a person are what make them successful. Not only their education background or work experience but who they are and the integrity they possess. So when things seem so confusing that it pins you into a corner where you might think you are not good enough, please, rebuke that. Send that thought to the pit of non-existence because you my friend are enough. You are more than enough.


The Lord calls us to love him and love each other. Follow his whisper, be alert to his intervention and be at peace with his love and favor over your life. He made you, he chose you, and now it’s time to be you and flourish in it. Allow him to blow your mind everyday with where he wants to take you. He created you before you were born and has never stop restoring and creating greatness in your life so live in it, cultivate it, and be at peace in it! You are worthy of it!

Or, if you feel a “flair” of superiority rising within you where you might have forsaken the value of fellowship and humility. Come to reality. We are all equal by the image of God and no works, position, or purpose is greater than his. He allows us the opportunities to be great in him, by him, and through him all in our own ways. We are the body of Christ and every single person is so valuable! Plus, the Lord’s favor moves like the wind so celebrate your victory and each other’s victory but don’t let your identity be attached to your circumstance or position.

Start-where-you-areI am so thrilled for the many new chapters in so many lives and so excited to see what’s next for my friend, for all my friends and family, for this nation, and for our generation.

Lets steward the change the Lord wants to happen in our communities  with dignity, grace, and strength! You are enough and you can pull from an excess of resources in heaven through Jesus to make you even more than enough!

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